Everything is close North Kansai, Home to Delicious Sake

Surrounded by nature, North Kansai is full of sake-producing spots. Tours of breweries, sweets containing the liquor, and festivals. There are plenty of interesting things that many don’t know about North Kansai, so read on to find out more!

Express train to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe

◆Tango 2-3 hours ◆Tajima2-3 hours ◆Tamba1-2 hours

Recommended Local Sake "Kasumitsuru   Kasumitsuru Co.Ltd"

Rich in umami but with a gentle aroma and goes down the throat smoothly – Kasumitsuru gets three out of three!

Brewery tour available/direct sales store available.

URL http://www.fukuchiya.co.jp/

Recommended Local Sake "Chikusen   Tajime General Partnership"

A sake brimming with the deep taste of rice and good fermentation.

URL http://www.chikusen-1702.com/

Recommended Local Sake "Tajima   Konotomo Liqueur Company"

Painstaking attention to detail, starting from rice selection.

URL https://konotomo.jp/

Recommended Local Sake "Homei  Homei Shuzo"

At Tanba Sasayama, a small brewery with an earnest dedication to sake-making since its establishment. A visit to the brewery is particularly interesting since the visitor can see close up tools and instruments from previous eras.

URL http://houmei.wixsite.com/houmeisyuzou/home

Enjoy North Kansai even more! "Amanohashidate"

From beautiful scenic spots to relaxing onsen hot springs, North Kansai has still much, much more to offer

This very long sandbank extending in the sea is one of Japan’s Three Most Famous Scenic Spots.

In spring, you can ride the cable car and enjoy the cherry blossoms of Kasamatsu Park.

Enjoy North Kansai even more! "Takeda Castle Ruins"

A great spot for cherry blossom-viewing. It is also known as “Castle in the sky” or “Japan’s Machu Picchu.”

Enjoy North Kansai even more! "Kinosaki Onsen"

An onsen town with seven different public bath facilities in true Japanese style!

After bathing, dress in a yukata(cotton kimono)and stroll around under the cherry blossoms.

Tango Tensyu Festival

May 26 (Sat), 27 (Sun), 2018

Eight sake breweries scattered in Northern Kyoto Prefecture open their doors for visiting and tasting. This is the local sake industry’s main annual event!

Some breweries offer free of charge visits and/or tasting; for others, a fee is required.


Tasting Japan’s various brands of sake right at the place where they are made and experiencing the breweries’ atmosphere is a unique experience!

This festival is organized every year by the brewers themselves and it includes visits to the breweries, booths with local delicacies, and a chance to get to know and enjoy the area’s sake.

Shuttle buses doing the rounds of the breweries are also available, so you can barhop to your heart’s content if you’d like!

Tamagawa  The Kinoshita Brewery

A brief introduction to the breweries participating in the Tango Tensyu Festival

Established in 1842

Goes very well with various dishes and you can enjoy it warm, cold or on the rocks.

A brewery where the chief brewer is English, offering excellent quality sake made with time-tested methods.

URL http://www.sake-tamagawa.com/en/

Fukuchi Sanman Nisen Goku  Towa Brewery

Established in 1717

The chief brewer here is a woman and the brewery stands out thanks to its meticulous attention to temperature, its manual procedures, and the subtlety in all stages of production. This sensitivity comes through in the brewery’s products.

URL http://towa-shuzou.jp/

Kuminoura  KUMANO Brewing Co

Established in 1944

A brewery overlooking Kumihama Bay. Tokubetsu-honjozo sake has a top-class aroma that goes perfectly well with seafood.

URL http://www.kuminoura.com/english/

Sweets unique to this brewery "HAKUREI Brewing Co"

At the brewery’s café you can try cakes and puddings containing sake and sake lees.

Particularly the pudding is sweet with mild tex¬ture pleasing to the palate.

URL http://www.hakurei.co.jp
The information herein is as of March 2018
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