The city of Hida, in which Hida-Furukawa is located, is known for its quaint townscape, and as an innermost sanctum of Takayama. The city is situated, geographically speaking, approximately at the center of the Japanese archipelago, and at the northernmost part of the Gifu Prefecture. Together with Takayama and Shirakawago, Hida is one of the most famous tourist sites in Japan, which has long been cherished by Japanese people. Presented here are this city’s charming attractions which should make you feel an urge to visit the city. Why don’t you come to visit the city to soak up the enchanting atmosphere emanating from the old townscape?


With a camera at hand — A stroll through the old-fashioned townscape
Traveling just a little bit toward the North-East from the Hida-Furukawa Station, you can reach the town of Kamioka. How about strolling through Kamioka’s quaint traditional townscape on a guided tour? You will find many interesting spots here for taking pictures such as the tranquil Fujinami Bridge painted in red, and the timeworn road-side signs. You should certainly not miss riding the “Gattan-Go” or “Rail Mountain Bike” which is a pair of bicycles attached together and mounted on a railway by means of a frame. Riding this “bike,” you will experience a curious sensation of locomotive sounds and rhythms unique to railway traveling. With the crystal-clear river running along the railway in view, and fresh clean air in your lungs, both your body and mind will become reinvigorated! Walking a little further away, you can get to Kamioka Castle, from which you can command a panoramic view of the old-fashioned townscape as a whole. Adjunct to the castle is a renovated old traditional farmhouse, transported there to house the local folk museum. Getting acquainted with the local history there should also be an interesting diversion in your trip.

Let’s stay in an old farmhouse or guesthouse
After enjoying your walk through the town, let’s refresh your slightly exhausted body by relaxing in a lodging that would make you soak up an atmosphere of a good old Japanese countryside. In Hida, accommodation is available in more-than 100-year-old farmhouses, that are renovated and converted into inns and guesthouses. Immersed in a “retro” space and looking over the surrounding pastoral landscape, let’s relax and recapture your experiences of the day in Hida. It would also be interesting for you to enjoy the evening in Hida by degusting exquisite local dishes and sipping a cup of locally brewed sake.

Trying out Hida’s traditional crafts unique to the region
How about getting up a little bit earlier next morning to have a hands-on experience with the local traditional craftsmanship as a nice finale to your trip? In Hida, you can personally try out the more-than-400-year-old wooden joint technique called the “Chidori goshi” method, or the equally long-lasting landscaping technique for maintaining beautiful Japanese gardens. Clad in real traditional gardener’s attire, you can trim trees, or make your own woodcraft object using the Chidori goshi method. Once you have tried out the supreme craftsmanship unique to the region by yourself, you should certainly become captivated by Hida.

FabCafe Hida opened in Hida City as the 6th branch in the world! The shop is based in a renovated traditional post & beam residential and there’s a café serves light meal using local fresh ingredients and drinks.


Access Tokyo Station → 2 h 15 min by JR Shinkansen “Kagayaki” → Toyama Station → 1 h 15 min by JR limited express Hida → Hida-furukawa Station / Kamikochi → 1 h 40 min by car → Hida-furukawa
URL https://hida.travel/
The information herein is as of February 2018
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