Interview of Ms. Sora Amamiya, who is Lily, and Ms. Miku Ito, who is Grete, in the TV anime series “Spy Classroom”


The TV anime series “Spy Classroom” (originally written by Takemachi) is a racy spy action fantasy, which has been shown on TV since January 2023. The story involves a highly-skilled spy, Klaus, and eight young female apprentice spies, who form a special team called “Lamplight” to tackle Impossible Missions with a death rate of over 90%. The following section describes the interview of two popular voice actors, who participate in many anime projects, including “Spy Classroom,” asking about the highlights of the series as well as their professions as voice actors.

Ms. Sora Amamiya playing Lily
Ms. Miku Ito playing Grete

Post-recording session in a lively and boisterous mood, just like the world of the anime series itself

──What do you like about the character you are playing?

Ms. Sora Amamiya (hereafter, Amamiya):Lily may seem to be cheerful, simple, and innocent, but she is actually very kind and caring to her friends. That is what I like about her. As a leader of “Lamplight,” she puts her life on the line to motivate others, and so on. So, when I play Lily, I try to take a full swing in gag scenes.


Ms. Miku Ito (hereafter, Ito):Grete is a very self-composed woman and I adore her. As she often takes a role of explaining their missions, I try to focus on playing a bright, mature woman by speaking clearly and expressing the motion of her eyes through breathing. But she suddenly becomes very girlish when it comes to Klaus and that is also what I like about her.


──What is your favorite scene?

Amamiya: My favorite scene, which will be in a future episode, is that Lily is disguised as a character called “Lillian (Hepburn)” in order to be in hiding. Even in different settings, Lillian is always cute and a bit dumb. I could see different aspects of Lily and had fun playing her.

Ito: My favorite scene is the dialogue between Grete and Olivia in episode 10. It is a tense scene where two women exchange harsh words, having their backs to each other. They have a clash of minds due to differences in their awareness, but they cannot yield because they have their own sense of justice. It was really realistic for women who love, which gave me a tight feeling in my chest. It is like, if you make a woman mad, it will cost you a lot (lol).

──How is the atmosphere at post-recording sessions?

Amamiya: I often joined recording sessions with Ms. Nao Toyama, who plays “Sibylla,” since there are many gag scenes with Lily and Sibylla. Such scenes require people going with the flow. So, I play my role more energetically, thinking this way it will be more interesting, and then she will respond to it. This is how we play, creating a mood for each scene and going with the mood.

Ito:There are many voice actors who are involved in various anime projects, and they know what they should do. I work with them, thinking such an attitude is very cool. They have a clear boundary between their working time and their break time, so during our break we have a fun time with each other while snacking and so on.

Amamiya:On the other hand, Mr. Yuichiro Umehara, who plays Klaus, is a quiet person but when I talk to him, he replies to me in a friendly way. I thought that his personality is just like that of Klaus.


──Based on Klaus’s favorite phrase, “Magnificent,” please tell us in a few words a part in “Spy Classroom” you think is “Magnificent.”

Amamiya: The contrast between serious scenes and comical scenes! In one episode, there is a serious development of a story, but in the following part, you can see the everyday lives of as well as relationships among them. I think the contrast is “Magnificent.” In addition, I have an attachment to each character. They have different personalities, of course, but they all have warmth in their hearts. As the story unfolds, I realize “this character is actually such a kind-hearted person!” and I fell in love with every one of them. By the way, I just told you two “Magnificent” parts (lol).

Ito:I would say the human drama is “Magnificent.” The story depicts not only the cool girls fighting but also about the dark side of each girl, which is deeper than I imagined. It is very interesting to see how their dark sides are unlocked. Once you see the past history of each girl, you will fall in love with all of them eventually, I think.

Enthusiastically being a voice actor, with characters and fans together

──When do you find your job as a voice actor rewarding?

Amamiya:When I am told that “I am happy that you play this character” after my show being shown on TV, I feel rewarded. Even after ten years of being a voice actor, I still become anxious about that after recording.


Ito:Actually, I feel rewarded when my show is delivered to people. I am filled with anxiety until my show is broadcast, even though I know that the staff and I have worked together so hard to create the show. When fans actually get to see the show, I am really relieved and get the biggest feeling of achievement.


──What do the characters you have played in the past mean to you?

Amamiya:They expand my world. When I was playing a character whose personality is very different from mine, I realized that “I see there is such a way of thinking” or suddenly came up with an expression I never expected coming from myself. In both ways, the characters always open new doors for me.

Ito:They mean life to me as a voice actor. They have been and will always be with me. I believe that they will be there to help me if I am in trouble and/or I think I couldn’t deal with my problem any more.

──In the future, what are you going to focus on and aim for in your career as a voice actor and/or singer?

Amamiya: I have been expanding the range of characters I play as a voice actor and I have been offered more new kinds of jobs, such as narration for news and variety programs. Actually, I am not very comfortable in front of a video camera. However, I will be happy that I can make people know more about anime and voice actors, so I am determined to try whatever I can do.
Now I have my own YouTube channel and I asked for English subtitles to my videos. I thought it would be nice to broaden the chance to let people abroad know about me. When I joined an anime event abroad, I was so impressed by how enthusiastic local fans were to support and cheer for me. In the future, I would like to offer more activities targeting overseas fans.

Ito:I would really like to continue as a voice actor who the fans can feel close to and are willing to stay together with for the future. I will do my best, so if someone can get motivated by watching me or a character I play, I would be really happy. I hope I will be able to give such a performance and/or sing that can make a lasting impression on someone.

──To conclude the interview, please give a message to overseas fans!

Amamiya:I am really happy to know that people enthusiastically accept, support, and love voice actors and acting as Japanese culture. I have actually started studying English, after I received fan letters from abroad. Realizing that the persons studied Japanese so hard to tell me how much they love me, I really wanted to return their feelings and that has been my big motivation to study. Like this instance, love of the fans has been inspiring me to do various things. I want to tell my fans to nurture their love and to appeal more to the outside world! And please keep loving me, wholeheartedly!

Ito: I didn’t have any chance to directly see my fans for the last few years, but I really want to go see them in person! When I see my fans, I would like to talk to them like a friend, “How have you been doing?” Until then, I hope they can get motivated and be cheered up by anime when they are having a hard time because there are many great anime works in Japan!

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