Featuring “sacred places” of popular anime works such as “Lycoris Recoil” and “Tokyo Revengers”! ANIME PLACE 2023

The Quintessential Quintuplets×Aichi Tokai City

The Quintessential Quintuplets is a romantic comedy about a high school student, Futaro, hired as a private tutor to quintuplet sisters who hate studying. Broadcast as a TV anime from 2019 to 2021, it became a major motion picture hitting the big screen in 2022.
The story setting is modeled on Tokai City in Aichi Prefecture. Date spots inspired by Tokai locales include the frequent appearance in the film of Otagawa Station on the Nagoya Railroad, “Nagoya Port Aquarium (Nagoya City)” and “Nagashima Spa Land (Kuwana City, Mie Pref.) .”

Lycoris Recoil×Tokyo Sumida City

Lycoris Recoil is an original TV anime about the activities of “Lycoris,” a secret organization of young women who stand guard over Japan.
Broadcast from July to September 2022, it became a smash hit.

©Spider Lily/アニプレックス・ABCアニメーション・BS11

The main characters Chisato and Takina base their operations at LycoReco, a coffee shop in a retro “shitamachi” neighborhood inspired by Tokyo’s Sumida City.
In addition, scenery modeled after places including Water Bus and Sumida Aquarium often appears.

©Spider Lily/アニプレックス・ABCアニメーション・BS11
©Spider Lily/アニプレックス・ABCアニメーション・BS11

Summer Time Rendering×Wakayama Wakayama City

Racking up a total of 150 million views, Summer Time Rendering is a bestselling SF suspense story serialized in the manga anthology, “Shonen Jump+.” The celebrated work also became a TV anime in 2022.

The story takes place on Hitogashima, modeled after Wakayama City’s remote island, Tomogashima, with an added fictional town.
Once you cross to the island on the “Tomogashima Kisen” boat, the ruins and nature begin blending together, and it feels as if you have entered the world of the work. On the island, scenes from the tale appear, including the haunting mystery of the gun battery ruins and the Tomogashima Information Center, depicted as a police station in the story. Since March 2022, the heroine, Ushio Kofune, has been acting as Wakayama City’s Anime Tourism Ambassador.

© Yasuki Tanaka/SHUEISHA, Summer Time Rendering Project

© Yasuki Tanaka/SHUEISHA, Summer Time Rendering Project



Tokyo Revengers×Tokyo Shibuya and Shinjuku

Tokyo Revengers is a suspenseful tale of time-travel about a slacker who suddenly travels back in time to change the fate of his murdered junior high sweetheart, but finds himself rising through the ranks of the hoodlum gang responsible for the original crime. From April to September 2021, the “Battle of August 3rd Arc” and “Bloody Halloween Arc” hit televisions nationwide, and the “Christmas Showdown Arc” began airing in January 2023.


Many real Tokyo locations appear like JR Shinjuku Station, where the story begins, and Shibuya Scramble Crossing, the model for the place where the “Tokyo Manji Gang” is first formed.



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