The Latest! Kansai’s Best Sakura Spots 2024

The Kansai area also reaches peak bloom from late March to early April every year. And while the ever-popular destinations in central Kyoto and Osaka are hard to pass up, we also recommend off-the-beaten-path towns and cafes for a leisurely day of enjoying Japanese cherry blossoms and history!

Fukuchiyama (Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto)

Hop on a train at Kyoto Station to arrive at Fukuchiyama Station in as little as 80 minutes. Fukuchiyama is a convenient hub of the north Kansai area for traveling to Amanohashidate and Kinosaki Onsen. Just a 15-minute walk from the station is Fukuchiyama Castle, the only spot in Kyoto where the main castle tower remains intact. It is also a popular sakura viewing spot that bustles with visitors.

The chestnut sweets at Adachi Otoemon are second to none! Try them at the retro cafe space near Fukuchiyama Castle.

Access JR Kyoto Sta. → 80 min by Limited Express “Kinosaki” or “Hashidate” → JR Fukuchiyama Sta.

Kaibara (Tamba City, Hyogo)

Enjoy a relaxing walk in the city where the atmosphere of the former castle town endures. It is home to the Kaibara Hachiman Shrine with its 1,000-year-old history, the majestic Kaibara Jinya Ruins, and modern architecture of the contemporary era. Flowing near Kaibara Station is the Kaibara River, along which you’ll encounter stunning rows of sakura trees stretching as far as the eye can see.

Take a break from your stroll under the thatched roof of the patisserie “Nakajima-Taishodo Tamba Main Store,” located inside a renovated traditional Japanese house. Their Mont Blanc cake is a pure delight.

Access JR Osaka Sta. → 75 min by Limited Express “Konotori” → JR Kaibara Sta.

Tamba Sasayama (Tambasasayama City, Hyogo)

Tambasasayama City is located about an hour away from Osaka by train. Historically, it was once the castle town of Sasayama Castle, and to this day, it retains the townscape of its bygone era. In the spring, roughly 1,000 cherry blossom trees bloom throughout the town around Sasayama Castle Park.

At “Odagaki Mamedo,” try some tea and Japanese sweets made with black beans, the specialty of the Tamba area. Immerse yourself in the building’s historic atmosphere.

Access JR Osaka Sta. → 60 min by Limited Express “Konotori” → JR Sasayamaguchi Sta. → 10 min by bus → Nikaimachi stop

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