Highly recommended cafés in Kyoto

When you get tired from walking around Kyoto for sightseeing, take a seat at a nice café and relax for a while with delicious sweets and drinks. This article will introduce you to some wonderful cafés in Kyoto, which members of att.JAPAN Editorial Department visited this summer.

Cachette (Kitashirakawa Branch)

Enjoy colorful original drinks surrounded by gorgeous dried flowers.

Cachette (Kitashirakawa Branch)

The first café we visited was “Cachette (Kitashirakawa Branch),” which is located in Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, near Ginkaku-ji Temple.

As you enter the café, you will be welcomed by dried flowers hanging from the ceiling as well as the great aroma of flowers.

There is a shop selling dried flowers and novelty items on the 1st floor, and a café space on the 2nd floor.

The café space on the 2nd floor

Colorful original drinks

We ordered a jelly punch called “Aya“ with colorful jelly just like jewelry and a flower soda with beautiful gradations created by syrups.

As they were not too sweet, they were very refreshing.

The fantastical atmosphere was very enchanting, which made us feel like we were lost in the woods.

We heard that there are some seasonal drinks and foods, so please check the café’s Instagram.


If you have time to make a little side trip…

● Some sightseeing spots in the neighborhood

Ginkaku-ji Temple


Tanukidanisan-fudoin Temple


Manshu-in Monzeki


URL https://instagram.com/cachette2018?igshid=gvz602k25tpo

Café Zou

Enjoy Nagoya’s specialty dishes and colorful cream soda in a retro-flavored café

Aren’t you excited just by looking at colorful food samples in a showcase?

This is “CaféZou,” which just opened in April 2019 on Nakadachiuri-dori Street on the west side of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

As it is the 3rd branch of a popular café in Aichi Prefecture, its menu included lots of Nagoya specialty dishes, including miso-nikomi udon and ogura toast.

An-butter toast, Misoya’s egg sandwich, and Nishio Matcha latte with cute latte art.

Cream soda comes with a pretty elephant-shaped cookie on top!

This is the highly recommended “Misoya’s egg sandwich.”

The balance between the hot fluffy egg omelet and the salty nikumiso (braised ground pork seasoned with miso paste) was just great.

Each dish is big, so it may be better to share some dishes with your friends.

A symbolic brown sign

In November 2019, a Tokyo branch “Café Paoon” is scheduled to be opened.


If you have time to make a little side trip…

● Some sightseeing spots in the neighborhood

Kyoto Gyoen


Go-ou Shrine


Motorikyu Nijo Castle


URL https://instagram.com/kissa_zou?igshid=zskgsu0olbqe


Irresistable to cat lovers! “Nyan-nyan-ji Temple,“ a full-scale temple-type theme park.

There are lots of wonderful art pieces along with the painting on the fusuma sliding panels.

Can you guess what is worshipped at “Nyan-nyan-ji Temple” in Yase, Sakyo-ku, at the bottom of Mount Hiei? A cat!

The temple has a gallery and a shop selling handmade goods, as well as a café where you can enjoy dishes and drinks with cat motifs.

Pudding “Nya”-la-mode

Cat kakigori (kyoho grapes) *available only in summer

Most of the plates and cups have cat motifs, showing a strong attachment and love of cats.

Can you see there are some cat’s footmarks on the spoon for kakigori?

Cookies with cat’s footmarks on a cat-shaped plate.

The ice cube floating on my ice coffee even had a cat’s footmark!

You can see photos of successive temple master cats in the temple.

You can take a photo together with this deputy temple master!

Cats, cats, everywhere!

The real temple master cat comes on duty several times a month, so if you are lucky you can see the real temple master cat.

Take a little side trip from the urban area, and you can immerse yourself in the world of cats.

* The menu was as of mid-August 2019. For the latest information, please check the website.


If you have time to make a little side trip…

● Some sightseeing spots in the neighborhood 

Ruriko-in Temple


Sanzen-in Temple in the Ohara area, Kyoto


Enryaku-ji Temple in Mount Hiei


URL https://nyannyanji22.www2.jp

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The information herein is as of August 2019
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