A new sensation! Roppongi’s new "vegetarian family restaurant" Donuts, curry, and bistro!

Have you ever wished it were easier to get a good vegetarian meal at a family restaurant while staying in Japan? Well, now a casual, all plant-based diner is here to make your dream come true, opened in Tokyo’s Roppongi district on April 27, 2024. Here, three brands come together in one place: a take-out donut shop OSCAR WILDE, a daytime curry stand HOBA, and the dinner bistro TOSSO. The shop has serious style inside and out, with a pop culture vibe. No need for formalities, just drop in any ‘ol time. The place is produced by Yusuke Nomura, the 4th generation owner of Shojin Cuisine Daigo, a restaurant featured in the MICHELIN Guide and atop other lists of world-famous gourmet establishments.

From outside, the store’s tangerine walls catch the eye

Take-out donut shop OSCAR WILDE

Every day, OSCAR WILDE’s donuts are made onsite from whole grain dough. From those made with original “craft dough” to classic Old Fashions, the lineup always includes more than 10 kinds. These cute, colorful treats have a soft, springy texture and a sense of substance that is deeply satisfying. Good for both mind and body, these donuts provide all the pleasures of sweets without the guilt of junk food.

These soft, scrumptious, colorful donuts are awesome

Daytime curry stand HOBA

At HOBA, curries are made with only vegetables, fruits, and spices, using no animal ingredients or flour. From cacao and hazelnuts to oat milk and mushrooms, the menu features unique combinations, served on big magnolia leaves (“hoba” in Japanese), a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. An array of original drinks provide perfect pairings for curry. Taste “wa” herbal concoctions with distinct Japanese elements, including mint green tea, cinnamon hojicha, and others made with the native fragrant tree Kuromoji, along with the craft cola, created with the expertise that comes from developing curry spice mixes. Eat-in or take-out, the choice is yours.

A restaurant to casually enjoy vegetarian cuisine

HOBA’s curry looks as good as it tastes

Dinner bistro TOSSO

After 5pm, the restaurant turns into TOSSO, a bistro to stop by for a drink with some vegetarian cuisine. With dishes that include fresh spring rolls, ajillo, and soy sauce ramen with kombu kelp dashi, the food lineup is definitely diverse. The wide selection of drinks range from wine, whiskey and cocktails to soft drinks. Finally, a vegan parfait made with soy cream and soy ice cream is one of the stars of the dessert menu. The shop stays open until 11pm on weekdays, as might be expected being in Roppongi, a hub of nightclubs and bars.

A diverse selection of dishes at TOSSO

"Enjoy veggies as part of an everyday lifestyle”

Both vegetarian and Buddhist cuisine is sometimes seen as being austere and strict. This eatery, though, offers a friendly space where people can meet easily in an inclusive environment like a corner cafe or restaurant, with a vast selection of vibrant dishes to enjoy. As the producer Mr. Nomura says, the aim is to change people’s attitudes. Rather than viewing vegetables negatively as an unavoidable necessity for good health, he hopes to create a place where anyone will truly desire to come and enjoy delicious, casual vegetarian food. Beyond vegetarians, he says, “I hope that even young people who aren’t vegetarian will come to enjoy veggies more as part of an everyday lifestyle.”

Yusuke Nomura, Store Producer

Access Roppongi Sta. (Subway) → 1 min walk
URL https://www.roppongihills.com/en/gourmet_shops/0474.html

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