Trip to Nanki Shirahama in Wakayama

Filled with attractive places and sites to see, such as the beautiful ocean, relaxing onsen, gorgeous sunset views, and an adventure world where you can interact with animals, Nanki Shirahama is the perfect area for you to visit on your next trip!

Panda Kuroshio, “Smile Adventure Train,”

Haneda Airport → 75 min by air → Nanki-Shirahama Airport
Kyoto Sta., Shin-Osaka Sta., Tennoji Sta. → 120-170 min by JR limited express Kuroshio→ Shirahama Sta.

Panda Kuroshio, “Smile Adventure Train,” a wrapped train with a panda design that was created under a collaboration between JR West and Wakayama Adventure World, is now in service (scheduled to be in service until around Nov. 2019).

Panda Kuroshio, “Smile Adventure Train”
Panda Kuroshio, “Smile Adventure Train”

[Most Recommended] Adventure World

This popular spot in Nanki Shirahama is an integrated theme park with a zoo, aquarium, and amusement park, where youcan see about 1,400 animals of 140 kinds from the land, sea, and sky. There are now six pandas and the youngest baby panda, Saihin, will have her 1st birthday on Aug. 14, 2019.

Reticulated Giraffe


[Great View] Shirarahama Beach

Stretching for 620 meters with white sand, emerald green-colored water, and coconut trees, this scenic beach has shoals and gentle waves, offering a perfect place for not only sunbathing and swimming but also walking on fine sand. The place makes you feel like you are in a faraway resort.


[Great View] Senjojiki Coast

Layers of rocks created by erosion by raging waves. The sun setting below the horizon also makes a great view.

Senjojiki Coast

[Great View] Sandanbeki Cliff

A 50-meter cliff standing along the beach located at the south part of Senjojiki. Waves powerfully strike the rocks.

Sandanbeki Cliff

[Great View] Sandanbeki Cave

This cave is said to be a place where Kumano Suigun, a naval force which was based on this area and had power in the 12th century, hid their ships. It has a mysterious atmosphere that can make a strong impression on visitors.

Admission: 1,300 yen for adult

Sandanbeki Cave
Sandanbeki Cave

[Great View] Engetsu Island

A small island known as a symbol of Shirahama. The evening view with the sun sinking into the ocean around the island is especially beautiful.

Engetsu Island

[Food] Nagisa Beer Brewery

This craft beer brewery serves a glass of fresh beer to tour participants after the tour. Mikan Ale (420 yen), beer made by adding orange juice to wort and fermenting it together, is highly recommended.

Mikan Ale
Nagisa Beer Brewer

[Food] Toretore Ichiba, Nanki Shirahama

This seafood market has an eat-in corner where you can enjoy fresh sashimi and kaisen-don (rice topped with seafood), as well as an outdoor BBQ garden (admission: 300 yen for adult) where you can cook and eat seafood you bought at the market, such as oysters and shrimp.

Toretore Ichiba, Nanki Shirahama
Toretore Ichiba, Nanki Shirahama


[Food] Ki to Mizu to Tsuchi to, Shirahama

This café serves hamburgers made with ingredients from Wakayama, hand-made pancakes, and sweets. Panda pancake (850 yen), seasonal parfaits*.

*Limited time offer. Prices depend on the item.

Panda pancake
Seasonal parfaits (Strawberry)


[Onsen] Saki-no-yu

This open-air bath facility faces the Pacific Ocean in front of it. You can enjoy soaking in a bath while feeling free and listening to waves hitting rocks.

Admission: 500 yen for adult


[Onsen] Shirasuna

An open-air bath next to Shirarahama Beach. During the sea bathing season, you can get into this bath with your bathing suit on. In winter, it converts to a foot bath.

Admission: 200 yen for adult (free from Oct. to Apr.)


[Onsen] Shirara-yu

An onsen where you can immerse yourself in hot water while looking out at Shirarahama Beach and the blue ocean and blue sky. The eye-catching exterior of the facility is just like that of a typical public bath facility in Japan.

Admission: 420 yen for adults.


[Onsen] Toretore-no-yu

You can enjoy various kinds of baths, including an open-air bath facing the Pacific Ocean, rock bath, binchotan (white charcoal) bath, and lie-in bath.

Admission: 750 yen for adult.



[Foot Bath (Ashi-yu)] Mifune Ashi-yu

Enjoy foot bathing while looking at Engetsu Island, a symbol of Shirahama. Gorgeous sunset. Free.

Mifune Ashi-yu

[Foot Bath (Ashi-yu)] Yanagibashi Ashi-yu

A foot bath facility with a design unique to a seaside town, with hot spring water coming out from a monument of a snail-like shell. Free.

Yanagibashi Ashi-yu

[Foot Bath (Ashi-yu)] Tsukumoto Ashi-yu

Located near the South gateway to Shirarahama Beach, this foot bath facility is just a short way from the beach. Free.

Tsukumoto Ashi-yu

[Foot Bath (Ashi-yu)] Sandanbeki Ashi-yu

While immersing your feet in warm water, you can have a panoramic view of Sandanbeki rock wall and cave, along with the sun sinking into the Pacific Ocean. Free.

Sandanbeki Ashi-yu

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