[Report on events] Went to AnimeJapan 2019!

AnimeJapan 2019!

The biggest festival of Anime, “AnimeJapan2019” was held for the sixth time on March 23rd and 24th (March 25th and 26th for business). At Tokyo Big Sight, many of the leading anime-related enterprises and associations inside and outside Japan attended the exhibition and this year, more than 160 attended. This was the biggest ever in scale. The total number of visitors is estimated to have been 146,500!

We would like to report what it was like in the headed-up hall.

Tons of anime work exhibitions, disclosures of latest information and anniversary events. There were exhibitions that can only be seen here. The number of booths of social games, not only of anime, tend to have increased in recent years.

There were also PR of new anime and games. We met many characters too.

There were introductions and anime-related merchandise and there was a long line at the AnimeJapan-limited edition booth.

Making live action stage of anime, manga and games is the recent trends. Fans were fascinated by the exhibitions of the set and props used on stage.

At some booths, we could experience playing games before their releases. We tried some games from the popular manga and anime “Detective Conan” in advance!

The booth of “Fate Grand Order,” a popular smartphone game, was the most crowded. Exhibitions of props used on stage, announcements of limited-time events in the game and announcements of latest information of a TV anime “Fate/Grand Order -Epic of Remnant-.” There were many events that the fans were excited of.

Considering “ROCK,” which is their theme this year, they exhibited a guitar created together with an famous anime “Sword Art Online” and it caught a lot of attention.

There were events where voice actors、artists and anime-creating staff appeared on stage and everyone was excited! Of course, the hall heated up.

Family Anime Festival 2019 There is an area (admission free) where only children in elementary school and younger, and their guardians are allowed. We could take pictures with characters and enjoy the attractions. The atmosphere is very at home.

AnimeJapan is attractive not only for its booths but also for its cosplays. We will also report what the high quality cosplayers were like.
Went to Anime Japan 2019! About cosplayers.

* Next time, we will announce some information of “AnimeJapan2020!”
Main Area Session: March 21st and 22nd 2020
Business Area Session: March 23rd and 24th 2020
It will be held at Tokyo Big Sight. Check our website for more information!

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