Ureshino Onsen: A hot spring resort offering relaxation and beauty

Ureshino Onsen flourished during the Edo period (1603-1867) as a post town located along the Nagasaki Kaido Road connecting Kokura in Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture. Alongside Takeo Onsen, Ureshino Onsen is one of the most notable hot springs in Saga Prefecture and is flanked by close to fifty ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) big and small. It is even mentioned in the “Hizen no Kuni Fudoki”—written approximately 1,300 years ago—as a hot spring renowned to heal the illnesses of all. It is one of the biggest onsen towns in the Kyushu region.

Ureshino Onsen: A hot spring resort offering relaxation and beauty

The hot springs at Ureshino Onsen are high-sodium bicarbonate springs that are slimy to the touch. They are called the “hot springs of dreams” by those in pursuit of beauty. It is highly popular as an onsen that emulsifies oil and discharge on the skin and washes them away, leaving bathers with skin so soft and silky it will feel as though they have shed their old skin completely. Due to these benefits, Saga’s Ureshino Onsen is known as one of Japan’s “top three hot springs for beautiful skin” along with Hinokami Onsen in Shimane Prefecture and Kitsuregawa Onsen in Tochigi Prefecture.

It is recommended that visitors purchase the “Yu Yu Ticket” (1,500 yen) and experience the diverse onsen throughout the area. It includes twelve tickets that can be used in sixteen different hot spring facilities. The number of tickets needed at each facility varies, but they can be used to take a dip in those of your choosing.

There are many other ways to “attain beauty” at Ureshino Onsen. One is Ureshino’s famous hot spring tofu boiled in hot spring water. Once boiled, the water changes into the color of soy milk, ultimately producing exquisitely flavored tofu that melts in your mouth. With nutritious tofu and hot spring water believed to be good for the internal organs, you can treat your body from the inside out. Ureshino has also long thrived as a harvester of tea. Ureshino tea is grown in valleys surrounded by fog-covered mountains, crisp air, and pristine water, and it is said to be full of Vitamin C, catechin (highly beneficial for beautiful skin), and caffeine (stimulates blood flow).

In the central part of the onsen town is Toyotamahime-jinja Shrine where Toyotamahime, who is known as Otohime of Ryugujo (Dragon King Palace) in a famous piece of Japanese folklore, is enshrined. Otohime is also known as the goddess of beautiful skin for her porcelain white skin. On the same premises is Namazu Shrine where “Namazu-sama,” a catfish who is Otohime’s servant, is enshrined. Rumor has it that those who pay their respects will be rewarded with radiant skin.

Take full advantage of Ureshino’s healthy souvenirs and hot springs promising beautiful skin. You’ll go home feeling like you’ve never felt before!

Access Haneda Airport -> 110 min by air -> Kyushu-Saga International Airport -> 60 min by airport limousine taxi -> Ureshino Onsen
Telephone number 0954430137
URL https://spa-u.net/

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