16 Sightseeing Spots in Kyushu and Okinawa! att.JAPAN’s Top Picks All the Best Things to Do in Japan Vol. 6

att.JAPAN’s Top Picks All the Best Things to Do in Japan
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→Vol. 6 Kyushu and Okinawa
The multilingual free magazine att.JAPAN launched in the year 2000 and with this edition, proudly marks its 100th issue. Over the past 23 years, through firsthand reporting, we have brought the best of Japan to the world, from classic sightseeing spots to little known hidden gems, from food culture to festivals and performing arts.

att.JAPAN’s editors know every corner of this country, and here have selected 100 experiences they hope every traveler to Japan can try. Have faith in these recommendations as everything here was directly experienced by members of our team at att.JAPAN. You’re sure to uncover a new side to this island nation, and open the door to unforgettable experiences.

Whether you’re a first-time traveler wondering where to start, or a seasoned, well-traveled fan of the country, read on to find the perfect something for you! Find out what our writers found most moving, and one piece of personal advice learned from their experience! Have you been to the same place?
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85. Get to know people at yatai food stalls in Hakata

If you visit Fukuoka, you really should try eating at yatai food stalls. Centering around the Tenjin and Nakasu areas, food stalls start appearing one after another from evening. You can enjoy Fukuoka’s great dishes, such as tonkotsu ramen and yakitori, with delicious sake. The greatest part of yatai is that you can get to know strangers easily as you sit next to someone more closely in a friendly atmosphere!

URL https://yokanavi.com/yatai/

86. Learn about the high-quality toilet technology of Japan at TOTO Museum

As one of the best-known home appliances of Japan, the bidet toilet still keeps evolving. This admission-free museum is operated by TOTO, the manufacturer of a bidet toilet, Washlet, which is said to have the top share in the market. You can learn about the ideals of the TOTO company about monozukuri, the history of toilets and baths, and the cutting-edge technologies. Don’t forget to visit the museum shop, where you can find fun goods and novelty items, including miniature toilets.

★You will be amazed by the idea and technological capability to make the areas using water in a house nice and comfortable. An array of toilet bowls is quite a sight to see!

Address 2-1-1 Nakashima, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka
Access JR Kokura Sta. → 10 min by taxi
Business hours 10:00-17:00 (Admission until 16:30) Fee: Free
Regular holiday Mon, Summer holidays, New Year holidays
URL https://jp.toto.com/knowledge/visit/museum/

87. Enjoy an eating tour at Yobuko Morning Market

Yobuko Town in Karatsu City is a port town famous for squid fishing. In this town, a morning market is held every day except for January 1, making the area bustling and vibrant. You can find various kinds of local dishes unique to a port town, such as ika-shumai, tasty steamed squid dumplings you can eat on the spot and grilled seafood skewers.


Address Asaichi-dori, Yobuko, Yobukko-cho, Karatsu City, Saga
Access Oteguchi Bus Center → 30 min by bus → Yobuko stop
Business hours 7:30-12:00
Regular holiday January 1

88. Savor delicious yu-dofu at Ureshino Onsen

Containing a high level of sodium ions in the form of sodium hydrogen carbonate, the hot spring water of Ureshino Onsen has been popular as “hot spring water for beautiful skin” from olden days. When you cook tofu in this spring water, it gradually melts due to chemical reactions, creating something like a soup with some half-melted tofu. If you put a piece of melting tofu in your mouth, it will easily dissolve. You can enjoy this yu-dofu (boiled tofu) at restaurants and hotels in the onsen town.

★This dish is so delicious that it will change your concept of tofu!

URL https://spa-u.net/

89. View one of the new world’s most beautiful night views on Mount Inasa

Considered to be a landmark for Nagasaki City, Mount Inasa has been chosen as one of the “World’s Three New Most Beautiful Night Views.” The view from the observatory is just stunningly beautiful. It is worth visiting not only at night for a night view but also during daytime for the beautiful sunset and a panoramic view of Unzen, Amakusa, and even Goto Islands!

Access JR Nagasaki Sta. → 15 min by bus
URL https://www.inasayama.com/observatory/

90. Eat Nagasaki Chanpon with an exotic flavor

Once served as the sole window to foreign countries, Nagasaki still has unique cultural features that clearly reflect the cultures of China and Europe. The chanpon noodle dish is one of them. As the name “chanpon” suggests, all the ingredients, including vegetables, seafood, and pork, are mixed together, creating a perfect balance for the dish.

★Chanpon is a unique dish of Nagasaki! I love the chanpon served at “Shikairo,” which is said to be the birthplace of chanpon.

91. Take a resort train to visit one of the best onsen places in Japan

Limited express train “Yufuin no Mori” is a sightseeing train connecting Hakata and some of the best onsen places in Japan–Yufuin and Beppu. Once you step onto the train, you can enjoy a resort atmosphere in the gorgeous train car. As the level of the seats are higher than that of other regular trains, you can get a great view of the countryside with the grand mountains and the Kusu River flowing alongside the train tracks from a higher position, raising the excitement of your trip.

★Kyushu also has many other sightseeing trains, such as “Aru Ressha” deluxe train! If you are a railroad fan, Kyushu is a must-visit place.

*Reservation is necessary for riding. For details see the website.

Access Hakata Sta. → Get on the limited express “YUFUIN NO MORI”
URL https://www.jrkyushu.co.jp/english/

92. Feel the power of wilderness and volcano in Aso

The Aso area has the world’s biggest caldera, formed by huge eruptions 90,000 years ago. Enjoy a panoramic view of the area from Daikanbo, a natural observatory, and then head to Kusasenri, a huge grass field of almost 800,000 sq. m. From there, you can see the volcanic vent, with smoke coming out. The area may be prohibited for access due to volcanic activity and other reasons, so please check the latest information in advance.

★If you hear rumbling of the ground and see the volcanic smoke up close, you will be overwhelmed by the power of nature. Along the way in this area, you can come across open-range cattle and horses.

Access 从JR熊本站乘JR Kumamoto Sta. → 2 hr by train or expressway bus坐电车或高速巴士约2小时
URL https://www.asocity-kanko.jp/en/

93. Have an onsen tour at Kurokawa Onsen

Located in Aso and surrounded by nature-abundant mountains, Kurokawa Onsen has about 30 onsen ryokan hotels. Even if you are not staying at one of the hotels, you can enjoy onsen there as a day-visitor. If you purchase a special onsen ticket, you can get some discounts for your onsen tour.

★This area is especially recommended to visit from winter to spring, when you can enjoy the fantastic illumination “yuakari”!

Business hours 8:30-21:00 (varies depending on the situation) Fee: Adult 1,300 yen (one sheet) (The price is to be revised.)

94. Have a thrill with a great view on the Takachiho Amaterasu Railway

Utilizing what had been a disused railway, “Takachiho Amaterasu Railway” has come back to life as an attraction. You can enjoy a short railway round trip of about 30 minutes from Takachiho Station to the Takachiho Railway Bridge through a tunnel with illumination. The view from the open-top train running on the Takachiho Bridge, the highest railway bridge in Japan, is so thrilling that you may feel weak at the knees.

Address 1425-1 Mitai, Takachiho-cho, Nishiusuki County, Miyazaki
Access Takachiho Bus Center → 10 min walk
Business hours 9:40-15:40 (10 operations per day)
Regular holiday 3rd Thursday of the month
URL https://amaterasu-railway.jp

95. Admire the beautiful cone shape of Mount Kaimon-dake

One of the “100 Famous Mountains of Japan,” Mount Kaimon-dake is also referred to as “Satsuma Fuji” (“Mount Fuji of Kyushu”), and has a perfect cone shape seen from every direction, fascinating people who see it. From late December to early February, it is great to view the mountain over the canola blossom field near Lake Ikeda Amusement Park. You can enjoy nice early spring scenery of a southern land.

★There is a rumor that Issie, a huge lake monster, lives in nearby Lake Ikeda!

Access JR Ibusuki Sta. → 25 min by car

96. Feel the power of wilderness with your whole body while trekking in Yakushima

Located about 60 km south of Kagoshima, Yakushima is rich in nature and was the first island registered as a World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO in Japan. A huge cedar tree, “jomonsugi,” which is said to be 7,200 years old, will overwhelm everyone who sees it. It requires about eight hours of trekking to get to and come back from the tree, but the experience to see the tree is so precious that it is really worth the long trip.


URL https://yakukan.jp/

97. Run through the Gajumaru jungle by buggy car!

“Gajumarunture” in Itoman City, which is located in the south part of Okinawa, offers a buggy car riding experience through the banyan tree jungle. Gajumaru, which is also known as a Chinese banyan tree, is called a “tree of happiness,” where a holy spirit lives. The Gajumaru jungle is a representative natural landscape of Okinawa. It is really exhilarating to drive a buggy car in a natural setting. The emerald-colored ocean you can see when you go through the jungle is exceptionally beautiful!

★ With a friendly guide, you can have lots of fun without any worrying!

Address Venue: Itoman City Tourist Farm (1018 Mabuni, Itoman City, Okinawa)
Access Naha Airport → 40 min by car
Business hours 9:00 session – 17:00 session

98. Try a coral dyeing experience only available at one place in Okinawa

Located close to Shuri Castle in Naha City, “Shuri Ryusen” studio offers a unique “coral dyeing” lesson. Cover a piece of coral with fabric and rub it with an inked cloth, and then you will get a beautiful pattern appearing on the fabric. This art of nature fostered by the ocean of Okinawa will be a great memory of your trip, only for yourself.

*You can take home the item you made.

Address 1-54 Shuri Yamagawa-cho, Naha City, Okinawa
Access Shuri Sta. (Yui Rail) → 20 min walk, or 5 min by taxi
Business hours Workshop (50 minutes): 9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00, 15:30 Fee: Adult 3,300 yen, Child 2,750 yen (3-12 yrs. old)
Regular holiday Open 365 days *Reservation required via the website
URL https://www.shuri-ryusen.com/course/sango-en.html

99. Get healed by the best emerald green ocean in Okinawa

The waters around Miyako Island boast one of the highest levels of clarity in the world. My most recommended beach is 17END on Shimoji Island, connected to Miyako Island by bridge. The pure white sand beach and emerald green ocean creates beauty that you want to keep watching forever.

★Another great point of this beach is that you can see planes flying up close as Shimojishima Airport is nearby.

Address Irabu Sawada, Miyakojima City, Okinawa
Access Miyako Airport → 35 min by car
URL https://visitokinawajapan.com/

100. Fully and easily enjoy a resort feeling on Ie Island

Located so close to Okinawa Main Island that it is visible from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Ie Island is easily accessible. The island is filled with attractive aspects of nature only experienceable on an isolated island, such as Mount Gusuku rising at the center of the island, a white sand beach, and beautiful ocean with high clarity of the water! It is surprising that it takes only 30 minutes from the main island to such an island resort.

★You can also enjoy a leisurely horseback ride on the beach!
*Because of the safety reason, only those who can communicate in Japanese or English can join the program.

Address 2525 Higashiemae, Ie-son, Kunigami County, Okinawa
Access Motobu Port → 30 min by ferr
Business hours 9:00-17:00 (Without a reservation, horse riding may not be available during the feeding time.)
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

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