New Entertainment Building “ASOBUILD”


An experience-based complex-type entertainment facility, “ASOBUILD,” opened at Yokohama Station on Friday, March 15, 2019.


here are many entertainment facilities like escape rooms, sports courts, poop museums, amusement bar lounges, craftmanship-experience markets, restaurant floors and kids’ playing room.

Let’s look at the “entertainments” of each floor.

The first floor is a dining and food “street” – “POST STREET at the East Exit of Yokohama Station”. This street is home to 18 restaurants, such as Kiyoken’s famous shop “Kiyoken Shaomai Bar”, much-talked-about izakaya “Noge Yakisoba Center Maruki”, famous doughnut shop “DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee,” and cheeseburger shop “DAIGOMI,” which is a famous cheese restaurant in Minami-aoyama and Ikebukuro in Tokyo.

Kiyoken’s famous shop “Kiyoken Shaomai Bar”
Izakaya “Noge Yakisoba Center Maruki”
DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee
DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee

The second floor, “ALE-BOX,” is an entertainment floor where you can have unique only-here experiences: escape rooms, “UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA,” and a story exhibition “THE STORY HOTEL,” where you can experience stories of short films and novels.

“UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA” is the first to feature “unko” (poop) and is open for a limited time.

It is a new type of experience-based exhibition where you can look, touch, scream, play and even take pictures.

The third floor, “MONOTORY,” is one of Japan’s biggest experience-based spaces for handicrafts.

Here, there are over 200 types in 20 categories of workshops: designing pottery (porcelain art), making a card case with Italian leather, making herbal soap, and so on.

Porcelain art lesson, enjoying original designs
Eco-friendly soy candle, botanical candle boxes
Making SwarovskiⓇ Crystal earrings with “Glue deco®︎” (Earring Deco pens)
Aroma Herb Lesson, Aroma reed diffuser

From beginners to near-professionals, all can enjoy craft-making freely.


The fourth floor is “Puchu!” – the kid’s park to nurture their intelligence and sensitivity. In a play area featuring seven stars, children can freely play and give bloom to their limitless potential and creativity. Nursing rooms, kid’s bathrooms and stroller parking areas fully equipped. Planned to open in May 2019.

The fifth rooftop floor has multi-sports courts where you can play futsal and basketball.

An amusement lounge, the “PITCH CLUB,” is on the basement floor. Its concept is “a fine playground for adults.”

In a space decorated with various kinds of art, there are two bars where you can enjoy cocktails supervised by leading bartenders in Japan and wine made in Yokohama.

Furthermore, you can enjoy standard games, such as billiards and table tennis, which have developed a new form with some help of art. You can also try darts integrated with technology.

Why not have a mind-changing experience and try a new game at “ASOBUILD,” where everybody, including adults and children, can enjoy themselves.


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The information herein is as of March 2019
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