30 min. from Tokyo! What to do in Funabashi? Vol.2 Parks

Funabashi is close to Tokyo, yet still has a rich natural heritage. There are accessible natural areas in the city. Enjoy flowers all year round and take a short trip to the seashore. These locations are not only for families but also for friends and couples.

H.C. Andersen Park

Feeling like being in a flower paradise in a Nordic country

H.C. Andersen Park is a theme park named after the fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen who was born in Odense, Denmark, a sister city of Funabashi. With a huge Danish windmill as its icon, the park has Danish style buildings and shops with Nordic goods. The vast park is home to 100 kinds of plants throughout the year. The most popular flowers are tulips blooming from winter to spring. It is a place where families can spend a whole day while playing in the sports facilities and at the children’s museum, as well as having meals in the restaurants.

Admittion: 900 yen

Address 525 Kanehoricho, Funabashi, Chiba 274-0054
Access 40 min by bus from Funabashi Station (JB31, JO25, KS22, TD35), getting off at Kenmin-no-mori or Toyotomi-nokyo-mae / 15 min by bus from Shinkeisei Dentetsu Misaki Station (SL15), getting off at Andersen-koen
Telephone number 0474576627
Business hours 9:30 – 16:00
URL https://www.park-funabashi.or.jp.e.akq.hp.transer.com/and/

Funabashi Sanbanze Kaihin Koen (Sanbanze Seaside Park)

Meet creatures inhabiting the tidal flat

Sanbanze is the tidal flat and shallow sea area of 1,800 hectare located in the remote part of Tokyo Bay. You can find various sea creatures including gobies, clams, and crabs, as well as numerous waterfowl species. Sanbanze is also a popular clamming location from mid-April to early June. At Funabashi Sanbanze Environment Learning Center in the park, visitors are invited to understand the ecosystem and environmental issues of Sanbanze.

On a clear day, Mt. Fuji can be seen from the park! The Diamond Fuji phenomenon occurs twice a year in the early evening when the setting sun aligns with the peak of Mt. Fuji. The exact dates of the Diamond Fuji may vary yearly; the first date is in late-October and the second in mid-February.

Admittion: Free (the facilities at the park are fee-based)

Address Chiba, Funabashi, Shiomicho, 40
Access 25 min by bus from Funabashi Station (JB31, JO25, KS22, TD35), getting off at Funabashi Kaihin Koen
Telephone number 0474350828
Business hours 9:00 – 17:00
Regular holiday Dec. 29 to Jan. 3
URL http://www.city.funabashi.lg.jp/funabashistyle/en/index.html

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