30 min. from Tokyo! What to do in Funabashi? Vol.1 Dining Guide

Funabashi is a lively town with many Japanese-style eateries such as sushi and ramen restaurants! The city offers just as great variety of delicious foods as Tokyo. Local farms and fishing ports, markets provide Funabashi with loads of fresh, tasty produce and seafood.

Japanese Cuisine "Kaisen Misakiko, Keisei Funabashi Next" *CLOSED

Casual kaiten (rotating) sushi

Sushi dishes are served on a conveyor belt in this restaurant located in the Funabashi Next building, which is directly connected to Keisei-Funabashi Station. Even in the short time span between getting off one train and getting on the next, you can enjoy great sushi dishes.
*There is a menu in English
Average budget per person: 1,500 yen

Access 3-min walk from Funabashi Station (JB31, JO25, KS22, TD35)
Telephone number 474100499
Business hours 10:00 - 23:00
Regular holiday Open everyday

Japanese Cuisine "Sushi-dokoro Hishinoki"

Open early in the morning!

Hishinoki is a sushi restaurant located inside Funabashi Wholesale Market. Sushi with fresh seafood and kaisen-don (seafood with rice in a bowl) early in the morning will be an enjoyable experience. You can place orders starting at one piece (one portion of sushi) with your favorite topping.
*Families are welcomed.
Average budget per person: 1,000 yen

Access 10-min walk from Funabashi Station (JB31, JO25, KS22, TD35)
Telephone number 0474216111
Business hours 6:30 – 14:00
Regular holiday Sun, holidays, and Funabashi Wholesale Market’s holidays

Discover local foods!Morning Markets in Funabashi

Fresh produce and seafood as well as the products from local specialty shops are sold at the morning markets. At the Funabashi Daijingu Shrine and the Funabashi Fishing Port, morning markets are held on occasional Saturdays. You can find not only fresh produce, but also bread and snacks that you can eat on-site. It is pleasant to stroll around the market while having breakfast!

URL http://www.city.funabashi.lg.jp/funabashistyle/en/index.html


The competition is fierce among ramen restaurants around Funabashi Station! There are a number of ramen shops, and sometimes you will have to wait in line to enter one of these popular restaurants. Some of the recipes use local ingredients such as komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) and nori seaweed. Funabashi’s own novelty ramen is called “Funabashi sauce ramen,” which is Worcestershire sauce flavored ramen, inspired by sauce yakisoba (fried noodles seasoned with Worcestershire sauce).

URL https://www.city.funabashi.lg.jp/funabashistyle/en/index.html

Pears "Ono Nashi-en"

Juicy and sweet Japanese pears are harvested in Funabashi. Chiba Prefecture ranks first in the amount of Japanese harvested every year. You can buy pears directly from local farms starting in mid-August through mid-October.

Pear picking!

Access Shin-Keisei Line Takifudo Station (SL16)
Telephone number 0474482416
Business hours 9:00 – 18:00
Regular holiday Open every day during pear picking season (from mid-August to late-September)
URL https://www.city.funabashi.lg.jp/funabashistyle/en/index.html

Izakaya (Japanese bar-restaurants)

There are many affordable izakaya, all of which are loved by locals. Naka-dori and Yamaguchi shopping streets in particular have an overwhelming number of izakaya, and hence are dubbed “izakaya streets.” Enjoy the night life in Funabashi while going bar-hopping and chatting with Funabashi natives!

URL https://www.city.funabashi.lg.jp/funabashistyle/en/index.html


Experience local delicacies served at izakaya!
Komatsuna from Funabashi is a versatile vegetable perfect for tempura, pizza, etc. Some izakaya serve a healthy cocktail named “Komatsuna Highball.”

URL https://www.city.funabashi.lg.jp/funabashistyle/en/index.html

Hard clam

Hard clams are unloaded at Funabashi Fishing Port throughout the year. The best way to taste their deep umami is in a sake-steamed clam dish!

URL https://www.city.funabashi.lg.jp/funabashistyle/en/index.html

Chiba "Omotenashi" Shop Guide

Check out this website for searching shops in Funabashi.

Chiba “Omotenashi” Shop Guide
The site allows you to search restaurants and shops in 15 different languages.

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