An area abundant in nature, Yamanashi is home to both Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps mountain range. Also known for its plentiful supply of fruits and fertile lands, read on to appreciate the summer charms of Yamanashi, an area to the west of Tokyo with mountains, wine and entertainment to suit all the family.


Yamanashi is located roughly at the center of the Japanese archipelago and is surrounded by steep mountains on all sides. The Chichibu Mountains in the northeast, the close on 3000m high Southern Alps in the western part, the famed 3776 m Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest peak – in the south and the Yatsugatake Mountains in the northern part of the prefecture. Full of dramatic and beautiful landscapes including mountains, forests, lakes, and valleys, Yamanashi is blessed with the specifically designated National Park at Fuji-Hakone-Izu as well as a variety of other parks.

Famous for its agriculture, grapes, peaches and plums being especially well known due to fortunate natural conditions, its location in regards to Tokyo makes it perfect for mass producing that which will be needed in the capital.

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