My Report and Guidance on Mt. Fuji Climbing

Mt. Fuji ClimbingMt. Fuji is usually open for climbers from around early July to early September. Mt. Fuji is very crowded with climbers especially on weekends during the climbing season and mid-August. The writer, who has an experience of climbing the Yoshida Trail, one of the four climbing trails on the mountain, will share how to safely enjoy climbing Mt. Fuij!

*The information below is merely an example of the Mt. Fuji experience. If you are going to climb Mt. Fuji, please make sure to prepare enough to be able to make a plan best for you.


On Mt. Fuji, the temperature goes down to close to 0 degrees Celsius even in summer, so make sure to bring cold-weather gear and rain gear. In my case, I put a parka on top of a shirt and wore a pair of comfortable long pants. As your belongings, prepare a head lamp, a hat with strings, climbing shoes, towels, water, garbage bags, and cash. You may also want to bring a portable can of oxygen and a blanket for additional re-assurance. All the items are recommended to be packed in a climbing backpack.

For the latest information on Mt. Fuji climbing, along with various other information, including descriptions of respective climbing trails, a list of necessary things to bring, suitable gear, descriptions of mountain lodges, and climbing manners, please visit the official website of Mt. Fuji climbing (available in Japanese, English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, and Korean)!

The day before climbing

Kawaguchiko Sta. (Yamanashi Prefecture) → Fuji Tozan Bus → Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station (in about 1 hour)
Accessible by car, the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station at a height of 2,300 meters above sea level is the starting point of the Yoshida Trail, which is the most popular trail for Mt. Fuji climbing. There are many facilities, including rental shops for climbing gear and mountain lodges (hotels). First, I stayed one night at the starting point to take a rest while getting used to a high altitude.Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station★Check!
– Since the summer of 2024, you are required to pay 2,000 yen to take the Yoshida Trail. From 4PM to 3AM the next day, or if the number of people entering the mountain exceeds 4,000 for the day, the gates at the entrance of the trail will be closed so that only people with a reservation to stay at one of the mountain lodges can go through. There are also three other trails, including Fujinomiya, Subashiri, and Gotemba, on the Shizuoka Prefecture side, and there is also a check if you have a reservation for one of the lodges, after 4PM on site.

– Since 2024, the Yoshida Route hiking reservation system has started, which requires people to pay the toll fee of 2,000 yen for this route in advance of when they are planning to take the route. You can make a reservation until 11:59PM on the previous day of your planned climbing. Once you make a reservation, you can easily start climbing with QR code authentication at the designated counter if it is before 4PM on the day of your climbing. Please note that you can climb the mountain without access reservation if you have a valid reservation for one of the mountain lodges. For details, please visit the official website for Mt. Fuji Climbing:

– As for making a reservation at the lodges, the earliest one starts taking reservations in April. They are sometimes fully booked quickly especially for weekends and some popular seasons.

●Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station
●Subashiri Trail 5th Station
●Gotemba Trail New 5th Station
●Fujinomiya Trail 5th Station

Start climbing

→Around 3:30AM the next day
Although it is still before sunrise, I am heading out to the top of the mountain! Putting on adequate clothing for warmth and a pair of climbing shoes, here we go! Don’t forget to turn on a head lamp while it is dark. The starry sky was really beautiful!
Tip: To be prepared for strong sunlight during daytime, I put on some sunscreen on my face before leaving.

Watching the sun rising

→Around 5:00AM
As I was about to go by the lodge at the 7th station at 2,700 meters elevation, the morning sun was rising above the clouds, so I sat down on a bench and watched it. I was so mesmerized by the beautiful reddening sky in the east that I lost track of time for a while.
Tip: You should leave a tip of 100 yen to 300 yen to use the washrooms in the mountain lodges. Please be aware that there is no water place nor running water system on Mt. Fuji.
sun rising

Arriving at the summit

→Around 11:30AM
After continuous walking, with sideward glances at the reddish-brown mountain surface with blocks of stone, I finally arrived at the summit! Looking down at the sea of clouds, I was mentally and physically filled with a sense of accomplishment! The torii gate of the Okumiya Shrine of Fujisan Hongu Sengentaisha exudes a special aura!
Tip: The powerful landscape of the crater at the summit is a must-see! sea of clouds

Starting to climb down

→Around 1:50PM
You should go down the mountain before it becomes dark. The Subashiri and Gotemba trails have an area covered by volcanic ash from the past eruptions. In those areas, you can experience unique “sunabashiri,” where you go down while stepping into soft sand.
Tip: In my case, I took the Fujinomiya Trail on the way down.climb down

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