Recommended sento public bath facilities in eastern Tokyo!

In this article, I, who love sento public bath facilities, introduce three sento in the eastern Tokyo area. The eastern Tokyo area has a retro atmosphere of traditional shitamachi downtown. The three sento I am going to introduce here are all located near stations with great access and have modern designs.

Hidamari no Izumi, Hagi no Yu

The best point for this sento is the size! It is really huge. You only pay 470 yen for entrance, which is set by the Tokyo Government, and you can enjoy the full-fledged spacious facility like a “super sento.”

There are many kinds of bath water, such as daily hot water bath, jet bath, and electric bath, which are located in the large bath area, and carbonated spring, open-air bath, water bath, and even a sauna. Although a separate fee is applied to the sauna, it is only 200 yen for weekdays and 250 yen for weekends and holidays – very reasonable.


On the wall of the carbonated bath, you can see an illustration introducing various sento facilities in Tokyo, which makes you want to visit various other sento, too.

There is also a restaurant within the facility, serving a variety of dishes along with alcohol, so you can enjoy drinking. Another good point about this sento is that it opens from early morning until late at night!

Access 3 min. walk from Uguisudani Sta. (JR)

Nippori Saito Yu

Said to be particular about water, “Saito Yu” offers various kinds of unique bath, including high-concentration carbonated spring, a large bath with a jet bath part, a part where you can lie down, and an electric bath part, high-temperature bath, water bath, and even an open-air bath.

I especially recommend the open-air silky bath. The silky bath shoots out microbubbles in water, which gently cover your body and cleanse your skin.

The bath temperature was just perfect. As your body will stay warm after taking the high-concentration carbonated spring, it is recommended for people who are sensitive to cold!

The facility offers draft beer, so you can enjoy a glass of cold beer after relaxing in the bath.

Access 3 min. walk from Nippori Sta. (JR, Keisei, Nippori-Toneri Liner)

Kaiei Yu

“Kaiei Yu” recently completed its major renewal in November 2020. There are two unique points about this sento.

The first point is that you can hear jazz in the facility! I have visited many sento so far, but it is the first sento which plays jazz music, which actually made me more relaxed.

The second point is that high-purity softened water is used for the shower! It makes your skin moist and your hair smooth. I actually felt that my skin was more moistened and smoother.

Carbonated Spring

The open-air bath of this sento is a silky bath just like “Saito Yu.” The silky bath washes off impurities of the skin. The carbonated spring is of very high concentration, so I recommend you try it!

This sento also has a sauna (an extra fee of 400 yen applied), where “oro-po” drink, a mixture of ORONAMIN C DRINK and POKARI SWEAT, which attracts many sauna fans, is available. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should try it after taking a bath.



Access 3 min. walk from Minowa Sta. (Subway)

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The information herein is as of April 2021
I am Akito from Tokushima Prefecture, currently living in a shitamachi old downtown area in Tokyo. I love sento public bath facilities and travelling, visiting sento once a week and travelling once a month. Nowadays, I am into strolling around the areas in Tokyo that I have never been to!

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