Mother-daughter Trip to Kagoshima Course 2: A fully loaded trip to enjoy the world natural heritage site and famous onsen! Four days in Ibusuki and Yakushima Island

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy onsen (hot springs) and the wilderness in Kagoshima. After enjoying the popular sand onsen and open-air onsen with a great view in Ibusuki, visit Yakushima Island, the only place in Japan that is on three UNESCO lists.

Day 1 

Haneda Airport 
↓ By air
Kagoshima Airport 
↓ By bus
Kagoshima-Chuo Station 

Limited Express Ibusuki no Tamatebako

Get on a popular D&S (Design & Story) train under the theme of the Legend of Ryugu, which has been handed down in Satsuma Peninsula! Along with delicious sweets and drinks, enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and Sakurajima Island through the window.

The black and white colors on the body represent the hair color of Urashima Taro before and after he opened the special tamatebako gift box.

You will enjoy the cute retro interior.

Chiririn Road, Chiringashima Island

To get to Chiringashima Island, an uninhabited island with a circumference of about 3 km, you can walk on the “Chiririn Road,” a sandbar about 800 meter long, which appears at low tide during the spring and middle tides from March to October.

The island is said to be a matchmaking “power spot”!

Ibusuki Hakusuikan

Stay at Ibusuki Hakusuikan, a long-established Japanese-style hotel facing Kinko Bay (Kagoshima Bay). Relax in various kinds of baths, including Ibusuki’s specialty, sunamushi onsen (natural sand bath) and a huge spa of about 3,300 square meters.

Address 12126-12 Higashikata, Ibusuki City


Enjoy the landscape over Mount Kaimon, also known as Satsuma Fuji, from Nagasakibana, the cape at the southernmost part of Satsuma Peninsula, which is a popular photo spot, and Nishi-Oyama Station, JR’s southernmost station.

Address Nagasakibana, Yamagawa Okachogamizu, Ibusuki City



Have lunch at the birthplace of turnstile somen nagashi (flowing noodles)! Somen nagashi uses spring water and has been certified as one of the “Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-conserved Waters of the Heisei Period” list. It is an Ibusuki specialty.

Address 5967 Kaimonjuccho, Ibusuki City
Business hours Vary depending on the season. For details, please check the official website.

Tamatebako Open-air Onsen

This hot spring with an open-air bath and a great view has been on the top of the list for four consecutive years for the category, “Favorite drop-in onsen and spa” in a popular review site. Have a luxurious time with a glorious panoramic view of nature.

Address 3292 Yamagawa Fukumoto, Ibusuki City

Unagi Onsen

At the onsen by Unagi Pond, you can steam eggs and vegetables (no fish nor meat) in a special pot called “sume,” which utilizes the steam from the onsen for cooking (You have to bring your own ingredients for steaming). You can also drop in to enjoy the onsen.

Address 6517 Yamagawa Narikawa, Ibusuki City

Ibusuki Syusuien

Stay at Ibusuki Syusuien, which has won first place for 38 consecutive years in the food category of the “Best 100 hotels and ryokans in Japan selected by professionals.” Enjoy the delicious dishes!

Address 5-27-27 Yunohama, Ibusuki City


For lunch, try udon noodles in a soup made with dried mackerel, one of the specialties of Yakushima Island. Deep-fried flying fish, another island favorite, is recommended as well.

Address 500-46 Anbo, Yakushima-cho, Kumage County
Business hours 11:00–14:15
Regular holiday Closed on Wednesdays

Yakusugi Land

Enjoy casual trekking at this natural recreational forest park at altitudes of 1,000 to 1,300 meters, and take in the view of Yakushima Island.
Some parts are nicely paved. It is great to be able to choose a course depending on your physical strength!

Address Yakushima Recreation Forest (Arakawa Area)
Business hours Fee: 500 yen per person (high-school students and older) (donation for environmental conservation)

Senpiro no Taki Waterfall

The biggest waterfall in Yakushima Island has a height of 88 meters. You can get right underneath the falls. Feel the roaring water and flying spray on your skin!

Address Kurio, Yakushima-cho, Kumage County

Oko no Taki Waterfall

The biggest waterfall in Yakushima Island has a height of 88 meters. You can get right underneath the falls. Feel the roaring water and flying spray on your skin!

Address Kurio, Yakushima-cho, Kumage County

Nagata Inakahama Beach

Known as Japan’s biggest nesting spot for sea turtles, this 1 km sand beach is also a perfect place to see the beautiful sunset.

Address Nagata, Yakushima-cho, Kumage County


This hotel is located at the best place to get a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean around Yakushima Island. Refresh yourself in the large spa and try the delicious dishes made with local ingredients from the mountains and ocean to get yourself ready for tomorrow.

Address 1208-9 Miyanoura, Yakushima-cho, Kumage County

Trekking Tour in Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine

Trekking Tour in Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine

Address Yakushima Recreation Forest (Shiratani Area)

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The information herein is as of August 2022
I was born in Kagoshima Prefecture and have lived in different parts of Kyushu. A lover of food, sake, and hot springs in Kyushu, my goal is to become a “Sen-nin” (hot spring master), the highest rank for those who accomplish the “Tour of the Eighty-eight Hot Springs in Kyushu.” I hope to convey the fascinating aspects of Japan while featuring my beloved homeland Kyushu!

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