Let’s Go see GeGeGe no Kitaro!

“GeGeGe no Kitaro” is the popular Japanese manga series which has been beloved by people in Japan for 56 years. In 2023, a movie adaptation, “THE BIRTH OF KITARO THE MYSTERY OF GEGEGE” was released as a movie in commemoration of the centennial of the birthday of Shigeru Mizuki, the author of the series, and became a blockbuster hit. Here are two spots you want to visit now because we are about to have a new Kitaro boom!

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Mizuki Shigeru Museum (Tottori Prefecture)

“Mizuki Shigeru Museum” in Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture, widely known as the hometown of Shigeru Mizuki, is scheduled to reopen in April 2024 after major renovations. It will serve as an exhibition facility where you can learn about various themes, such as his major works, yokai specters, and war experiences, by following the turbulent life of Shigeru Mizuki. Mizuki was not only a manga artist but also a specter researcher who inherited the yokai folklore culture of ancient Japan and passed it on to the present time. You can appreciate the depth of the world of unique specters, while viewing his major works and collections. His other important works, in addition to his yokai -related works, are his autobiographical works depicting his experiences when he was a conscript during the Pacific War. His war experiences are displayed along with his autobiography. Moreover, an exhibition of original drawings is scheduled to be held regularly, making the museum a place you can enjoy new discoveries every time you visit.

Enjoy Mizuki Shigeru Road along with the museum!

The road, which extends from JR Sakaiminato Station to the museum for about 800 meters, is called “Mizuki Shigeru Road,” with 177 bronze statues of yokai on both sides. The restaurants and souvenir shops along the street sell various goods and items of yokai that appear in Mizuki’s works. At night, the shadow show of yokai and the illuminated statues create a different atmosphere, enhancing the spectral presence of yokai, so it is recommended to visit there at night.

Access JR Sakaiminato Sta. ->10 min walk
URL http://mizuki.sakaiminato.net

Kitaro Chaya (Tokyo)

Chofu City, Tokyo, where he lived for a long time, is the second hometown of Mizuki. In front of the gate of Jindaiji Temple in Chofu, there is a 60-odd year-old wooden building surrounded by trees, called “Kitaro Chaya.” At Yokai Kissa cafe in the building, you can enjoy unique dishes inspired by yokai characters, such as “Nurikabe Miso Oden.” Yokai Gallery displays valuable paintings of yokai by Mizuki as well as Japan Map of Yokai. Yokai Shop “GeGeGe no Mori” sells cute yokai goods and snacks. Don’t forget to check out limited items only available here!

Access Chofu Sta. or Tsutsujigaoka Sta. (Keio) -> about 10 min by bus
Business hours 10:00-16:30 (Last Order at 15:00)
Regular holiday Closed on Mondays
URL https://kitaro-chaya.jp
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