Asamushi Onsen: Great onsen surrounded by the ocean and mountains

Located at the base of the Natsudomari Peninsula facing Mutsu Bay in Aomori Prefecture at the northern edge of the main island of Honshu, Asamushi Onsen has been one of the renowned onsen in the Tohoku region since olden days. Discovered in the 9th century, this onsen is said to have been used to steam hemp for weaving cloth at that time. It is said that Honen, the founder of the Jodo Sect of Buddhism, visited this place in 1190, saw an injured deer immersing itself in the onsen water, and recommended people to do the same. Since then, people have been using this onsen. The onsen water, which is clear with no color, taste, or smell, is said to be effective for nerve pain, rheumatism, and lower back pain.

Asamushi Onsen: Great onsen surrounded by the ocean and mountains

At the onsen town spreading along the ocean shore facing Mutsu Bay, there are more than 10 Japanese-style ryokan hotels dotted here and there. You can enjoy onsen while seeing a great view of the ocean at some of the hotels. If you purchase an “Asamushi Yufuda” coupon, you can enjoy onsen at three places for the 1,500-yen coupon or two places for the 1,000-yen coupon.

At the ocean, various kinds of activities are available, including boardsailing, yacht sailing, fishing, and SUP (stand-up paddling). If you want to go for an easy activity, Asamushi Umizuri Park, where you can enjoy fishing at the ocean with rented gear, is recommended.

Behind the onsen town at Mutsu Bay, there are lush green mountains. Asamushi Onsen Shinrin Park, which is located about 20 minutes on foot from Asamushi Onsen Station, is one of the selected “100 best forests for forest bathing” throughout Japan. You can walk along the forest path stretching about 10 km for free, while enjoying looking at seasonal trees and watching wild birds. The best part of Asamushi Onsen is that you can make the most of the ocean and forest and then relax in the nice onsen.

“Yu no Shima,” which is located 800 meters off the Asamushi Kanko Port. A view of the sun setting behind the island is a must-see.

If you want to relax in onsen without staying overnight, the roadside station “Yusa Asamushi” is a perfect place.
The view from the observation baths on the 5th floor is open and really pleasant!

A performance by dolphins set to the music and images based on Tsugaru-jamisen and Nebuta Hayashi, traditional music of Aomori Prefecture. The performance is available only at Aquarium Asamushi.

Aomori Prefecture is best known as a big apple producer. Some hotels at Asamushi Onsen offer a set of original sweets made with Aomori products and a drink for 500 yen.

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At “Onsen Tamago-jo” in the onsen town, you can immerse some eggs you bought from a nearby store in the onsen water to make soft-boiled eggs to your liking!

Access Tokyo Sta. -> 190 min. by Tohoku Shinkansen -> Shin-Aomori Sta. -> 7 min. by JR Ou Main Line -> Aomori Sta. -> 20 min. by Aoimori Railway Line -> Asamushi-Onsen Sta.
Telephone number 0177523250

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