An Early Summer Tour of Aomori and Hokkaido’s Hakodate

Northern areas of Japan such as Hokkaido and Aomori are known for winter snow activities, but the snowfree early summers also bring plenty of new sights and fun discoveries. Here, we introduce sightseeing spots and events in Aomori and Hokkaido’s Hakodate, connected by ferry and the Hokkaido Shinkansen for a leisurely excursion.



Located on the northernmost tip of the Tohoku region is Aomori Prefecture. In addition to scenic spots and hot springs, the area is home to dazzling and energetic festivals such as Nebuta Matsuri in summer. You can also try Aomori’s famous apples as juice, cider, apple pie, and more.


From Tokyo
Tokyo Sta. → about 4 hr by JR Hokkaido Shinkansen → Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Sta. → 15 min by Hakodate Liner → Hakodate Sta.
Tokyo Sta. → 3 hr 10 min by JR Tohoku Shinkansen → Shin-Aomori Sta. → 6 mi by JR Ou Line → Aomori Sta.

Aomori Hakodate
・60 min by Hokkaido Shinkansen (Shin-Aomori Station ↔ Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station)
・3 hr 40 min by ferry (Aomori ↔ Hakodate)


Shirakami Sanchi Mountain Range

This mountain range, straddling Aomori Prefecture in the southwest and Akita Prefecture in the northwest, marks its 30th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The native beech forests are home to a plethora of precious plants and animals.

Address 61-1 Tashiro-Kanda, Nishimeya Village, Nakatsugaru County (Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center)
Access 55 min by bus from JR Hirosaki Sta.

Aomori Tsugaru Minamida Onsen Hotel Apple Land

Here in Tsugaru, an area famous for its apple production, you can soak in a hot spring with floating apples 365 days a year. Apples contain compounds known to be beneficial for the skin, and they fill the bathhouse with a subtly sweet and tart scent. This facility is also open to day trippers.

Address 166-3 Machiiminamita, Hirakawa City
Access 20 min by free shuttle bus (for overnight guests only) from JR Hirosaki Sta. (two round-trip operations a day)

Takayama Inari Shrine

On the shrine grounds spreads out a Japanese garden and the famous two-meter-high “thousand torii gates” weaving through it. At the far end is a lookout offering a view of the entire shrine grounds.

Address 147-1 Washinosawa, Ushigata-cho, Tsugaru City
Access 5 min by taxi from Takayama Jinja Iriguchi Bus Stop (Konan Bus)



Address 青森市柳川1-4-2
Access JR青森站步行約1分鐘


Upon purchasing a meal ticket, you can exchange your ticket in return for various toppings to create your own unique food bowl (nokke means to “put on” in Japanese)! Open from 7 a.m., you can enjoy it for breakfast.

Address 1-11-16 Furukawa, Aomori City
Access 5-min walk from JR Aomori Sta.

Aomori must-tries: Aomori “B-class gourmet” & soul food!

・Towada Barayaki
Ingredients are onion and boneless rib of beef. The savory flavors of the soy sauce-based seasoning containing Aomori apples and garlic will make you want bowl after bowl of rice.

This hot pot dish consists of vegetables and other ingredients simmered in chicken broth, soy sauce-flavored soup, and broken-up senbei (rice crackers), a traditional cracker of Aomori. The soul food of Aomori, it is beloved by the locals.


Aomori Nebuta Festival

This is one of Japan’s most iconic festivals. Over 20 massive nebuta floats parade in a majestic procession as the music and haneto (dancers, performers) join to embellish the summer nights of Aomori. The nebuta, made with beams, wires, and Japanese washi paper, are based on stories and other themes. Colored by the hands of the artists and illuminated from the inside, they glow splendidly in the night.
August 2-7、5-min walk from JR Aomori Sta.

Hirosaki Neputa Festival

Watch the procession of roughly 80 vividly-colored, fan- and human-shaped lanterns of various sizes through the city.
August 1-4, 7*(Dotemachi Route: 15-min walk from JR Hirosaki Sta.*Morning only on August 7)
August 5-6(Ekimae Route: Just outside of JR Hirosaki Sta.)

Goshogawara Tachineputa Festival

The grand, 23-meter-tall neputa parading through the city are a sight to behold.
August 4-8、5-min walk from JR Goshogawara Sta.

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