Enjoy a refreshing summer sightseeing experience in Kyoto! How about hopping on the subway to visit the city’s famous green maple sights?

Kyoto summers are notoriously hot and humid. But, being much cooler, less crowded, and requiring a shorter travel time than the bus, taking the subway to sightsee around the city is the best way to enjoy the gorgeous greenery during the ancient capital’s summer months.

How about hopping on the subway to visit the city’s famous green maple sights?

Subway & Bus 1-Day Pass 
Adult 1,100 yen

Apart from giving you easy access to almost all major sights in the city, this pass also provides benefits such as discounts to nearly 60 locations. You can purchase this pass at Kyoto City Bus and Subway Information in Kyoto Station, or at any subway station.
※Please note that Bus 1-Day Pass will not be sold after September 30, 2023 (passes purchased before this date will be valid until March 31, 2024)

<Example Travel Plan> 

Kyoto Station
↓ Subway Karasuma Line (20 min)
Kokusai Kaikan Station
↓ Kyoto Bus Route No. 19 (22 min)
Ohara bus stop
↓ Walk (10 min)
Sanzen-in Temple

Ohara bus stop
↓ Kyoto Bus Route No. 19 (10 min)
Yase Eki Mae bus stop
↓ Walk (5 min)
Rurikoin Temple

Yase Eki Mae bus stop
↓ Kyoto Bus Route No. 19 (8 min)
Kokusai Kaikan Subway Station
↓ Take the Karasuma Line to Karasuma Oike, and change to the Tozai Line (27 min)
Keage Station
↓ Walk (10 min)
Nanzenji Temple
↓ Take the Tozai Line to Karasuma Oike, and change to the Karasuma Line
Kyoto Station, or your accommodation

Sanzen-in Temple

The temple grounds feature a spacious garden where you can enjoy the summer greenery – from maple trees to moss. The garden’s hydrangeas are best viewed between mid-June to mid-July.


Rurikoin Temple

This temple is famous for its view of the garden which reflects onto the interior hall’s spotlessly polished corridors and mirror-like center table. You can enjoy a different side to Rurikoin’s scenery, popular for its autumn foliage, with this refreshing summer experience.

Nanzenji Temple and Suirokaku

While many people go to see Nanzenji’s famous Sanmon gate, we’d recommend you visit Suirokaku – an enormous aqueduct that carries water from a neighbouring canal connecting to Lake Biwa (Japan’s largest freshwater lake). The striking contrast between the lush green trees and red brick makes it a delightful sightseeing spot.

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