Take a Casual Trip Back in Time From Narita Airport! Walk through historic towns and immerse yourself in Japanese culture

“How should we spend our layover?” “Let’s enjoy Japan until the very last second!” If that sounds like you, you’ll love these three towns around Narita Airport where visitors strapped for time can still get the ultimate Japanese experience.

"Narita" in Monzen-cho temple town

Naritasan Shinsho-ji is a Buddhist temple with over 1,080 years of history. There are many traditional restaurants and souvenirs for visitors along the path leading up to the temple. Whether you’re kicking off or closing out your travels in Japan, go put on your favorite kimono and take a stroll while eating the town’s famous grilled eel.

Japanese Cuisine Kikuya / Kamicho Kikuya

Kimono Rental Hanabi

Access Narita Airport Station → About 10 minutes → Narita Station (JR/Keisei)

"Sawara," the town of waterway transport

From the 17th-19th century, Sawara flourished as the base for waterway transport to Edo (old Tokyo). Even today, along the Ono River, you can still see the mercantile townscape where echoes of the past endure. You can visit cafes and galleries tucked inside old buildings or float down the river on a boat.

Cafe Inae

Sawara Grand Festival
A traditional festival dating back roughly 300 years, held twice annually in the summer and fall.

Access Narita Airport Station → About 10 minutes → Narita Station (JR/Keisei) →About 30 minutes → JR Sawara Station

"Sakura," the town of samurai

During the Edo Period (1603-1868), Sakura was a prominent castle town that acted as a cornerstone of Edo’s defense. Former samurai residences and the “Hiyodori-zaka” slope, a beautiful bamboo-lined path once used by samurai, still remain to this day. Visitors can even join a tour to walk through the town in samurai outfits.

Samurai residence

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Access Narita Airport Station → About 30 minutes → Sakura Station (JR/Keisei)

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