Ultimate Guide to Sightseeing Around Haneda Airport! Introducing the Latest Spots

Haneda Airport—one of the world’s gateways to Japan. The surrounding area has been undergoing significant redevelopment, with new and exciting spots cropping up one after another. So instead of simply passing through for your flight, why not venture out and enjoy all that it has to offer? Below are some sightseeing spots around Haneda Airport we recommend visiting whenever you need to spend a night nearby, or when you have time to spare before a flight.

Experience Japanese Culture and State-of-the-Art Technology at Haneda Innovation City

Directly connected to Tenkubashi Station, this large commercial complex first opened in July 2020. It comprises a hotel, restaurants, concert hall, and other facilities where you can experience traditional Japanese culture and state-of-the-art technology.

© Haneda Mirai Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

Footbath Skydeck

Enjoy a free footbath while watching the planes glide by. We recommend admiring the nightscape of the airport from this spot.

© Haneda Mirai Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

Hours: 5:30–23:30 (*Closed when accommodating private parties)



With robots as chefs and waiters, this is far from your average restaurant. You can enjoy natural, health-conscious dishes that are additive- and gluten-free.

Hours: 11:00–14:00 (L.O. 13:30); 16:00–19:00 (L.O. 18:30)
Closed: Wednesdays (and irregular holidays)

Access Tenkubashi Station (Keikyu, Tokyo Monorail)
URL https://haneda-innovation-city.com/en/

Opens on November 30, 2022! GURUNAVI FOODHALL WYE

This food hall, produced by a company that runs a restaurant information website, showcases the best eateries around Japan. They have implemented features such as mobile orders and food-serving robots, making it easy for travelers strapped for time to make a casual stop.

Business hours Lunch 11:00–14:00; Cafe 14:00–17:00; Dinner 17:00–21:00 (L.O. 20:30)
Regular holiday Open 365 days
URL https://ghst101.gorp.jp/

Wish for a Safe Journey at Anamori Inari Shrine

Originally located where Haneda Airport now stands, this shrine offers blessings for safe flights and travels. The “Anamori no Suna (Sand of Anamori)” found in the Okunomiya (rear shrine) is believed to bring business prosperity, and visitors can take some home in a paper bag. The many red torii gates completed in 2020, as well as the uniquely shaped Inariyama, also make wonderful photo spots.

Access Anamori-inari Station (Keikyu)
Business hours Open 365 days (Okunomiya: 6:00–16:30; Worship/prayer: 9:00–16:00, Amulets and goshuin stamps: 8:30–17:00)
URL https://anamori.jp/yuisho.html#history

Grand Opening in January 2023! Haneda Airport Garden, Accessible Straight from the Airport

Centered around one luxury hotel and one high-end hotel, this facility comprises a commercial complex, bus terminal, and more. Restaurants and shops offering unique Japanese souvenirs and food are scheduled to open in the shopping zone. Connected directly to the international terminal, visitors can make the most of their stay in Japan until the very last minute.

The hotels and a natural hot spring facility with rooftop views will open first on December 21!

Access Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station (Keikyu, Tokyo Monorail)
URL https://www.shopping-sumitomo-rd.com/haneda/shopping/

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