Limited-time “Harry Potter Cafe” opens in Akasaka, Tokyo!

On June 16, 2022, the “Harry Potter Cafe,” themed after the renowned magical world of Harry Potter, opened in Tokyo’s Akasaka area. Headed to the grand opening on July 8 are two Harry Potter fans who have avidly read the novels for over 20 years and even visited the film locations in England!

Harry Potter Cafe

Do you need reservations?

The cafe will be reservation-only until July 31. Check the official website for business hours, holidays, and reservations.


Take in the interior decor showcasing the world of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Cafe exterior

Just outside the 3a or 3b exits of Tokyo Metro Akasaka Station is a red wall that looks to be straight out of the series. The Harry Potter Cafe is on the first floor of the Akasaka Biz Tower. Let’s head inside!

Harry Potter Cafe entrance
Harry Potter Cafe interior

The moment you open the door, an entire space inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter spreads out before you. The wall art and decor recall the dorms and buildings that appear in the series, which are sure to excite the fans.

Harry Potter Cafe, Harry Potter’s wand
Harry Potter Cafe, Harry Potter’s wand

The focal point is the 3.5-meter-long wand of Harry Potter! It makes for an excellent photo spot. (Please be considerate of other customers when taking photographs)


An Instagrammable food menu

Harry Potter Cafe food menu

Next, we’ll introduce the unique food, desserts, and drinks you won’t find anywhere else. From over 20 items on the menu, we started off with the following two selections.

Harry Potter Cafe, 4 Houses Stew Gryffindor
Harry Potter Cafe, 4 Houses Stew Gryffindor

The stew features vibrant vegetables against a bright red Gryffindor-inspired plate. The beef, simmered in beer, is tender enough to fall apart in your mouth. The best way to enjoy it is by breaking the pie crust into the stew. (1,650 yen/tax included)

Harry Potter Cafe, Hogwarts Cheese Toasties Slytherin 〜Salmon & Spinach〜

The gooey cheese in this sandwich will spark your appetite. Each house offers different ingredients, with the Slytherin plate containing sauteed salmon, spinach, and white sauce that go perfectly with the cheese. The pumpkin soup is mildly sweet. (1,760 yen/tax included)

There are many other menu items that let you experience the world of Harry Potter, making the cafe a go-to spot for lunch or dinner.

Harry Potter Cafe, Dragon’s Smoke Roast Beef

Don’t miss the cute desserts!

Even more photogenic are the desserts! First, we have the “Hedwig Cake” inspired by the owl Hedwig (1,540 yen/tax included). Whipped cream cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberry forms the owl, with tiramisu for the tree branch.

Harry Potter Cafe, Hedwig Cake
Harry Potter Cafe Hedwig Cake

The sight of the owl holding a white chocolate envelope in her beak only adds to the charm!

Another item on the menu is the “Eton Mess Goblet” (1,430 yen/tax included). With merengue, heavy cream, cassis sherbet, and chocolate sponge, this dessert has quite the volume! This frozen dessert is best eaten by mixing the delicious cream with the sweet strawberries inside. Its size also makes it ideal for sharing.

Harry Potter Cafe, Eton Mess Goblet

Magical non-alcoholic cocktails

Finally, our drink recommendations! All the cocktails offered at the cafe are bewitched by a spell. They are also non-alcoholic, making them enjoyable for everyone. Our first recommendation is the lychee-flavored “EXPECTO PATRONUM” (1,320 yen/tax included).

Harry Potter Cafe, Drink EXPECTO PATRONUM
Harry Potter Cafe, Drink EXPECTO PATRONUM

This cocktail is named after the famous Patronus Charm from the series. Pop the white dome and watch the white smoke spread! Fans will love this little trick.

Harry Potter Cafe drinks

These are “HERBIVICUS” (left) and “STUPEFY” (right, 1,320 yen each/tax included). HERBIVICUS is named after a charm that spurs the rapid growth of plants and contains fruits, mint, and other herbs. The base of this drink is tea, which gives it a refreshing flavor. Inspired by the Stunning Spell, STUPEFY instead delivers a spicy flavor. Fans will love finding all the familiar names.


Don’t forget the merch!

Harry Potter Cafe merchandise corner

In addition to eating in, you can also buy original scones and takeout drinks served in special bottles. You can also purchase limited-edition merchandise inside the store. From original plates (2,750 yen each/tax included) to spoons (660 yen/tax included), many of the items can be used daily.

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” performed at the TBS Akasaka ACT Theater
Time-Turner sculpture (time travel clock)

The Akasaka area will also be adorned with ornaments that bring out the magical world of Harry Potter. Why not enjoy a walk through the city to accompany your trip to the cafe?

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