Sd Coffee -- a popular public bath cafe in Kita-Senju, Tokyo

Tokyo is a cafe town where one can find many cafes.
Today, we’ll be introducing the public bath cafe “Sd Coffee,” which has been featured in many media publications.

Sd Coffee -- a popular public bath cafe in Kita-Senju, Tokyo

Sd Coffee is located in Tokyo’s old modest shitamachi “downtown” area of Kita-Senju. This area is easy to get to from the city center, and has a peaceful atmosphere. It’s been ranked as one of the top Tokyo neighborhoods people want to live in, and is one of the more popular traditional neighborhoods in the city.

Kita-Senju is where you’ll find “Sd Coffee.”

The shop exterior’s fun shitamachi sign and ornaments make it stand out from the typical local neighborhood atmosphere. This gives customers a sense of anticipation before they enter.

Once you come inside…

Just as the name “public bath cafe” indicates, inside the shop is an arresting wall painting of Mount Fuji, a typical feature of many public baths in Tokyo. This makes you feel as if you’ve come to a public bath facility. The “noren” entrance curtains and buckets for washing oneself are some other fun touches that complete the interior look.

The space has a nostalgic yet new feeling, with its mixture of Eastern and Western influences combining to create a unique atmosphere.

The name “Sd Coffee” was chosen for two reasons. The first is that shop manager Suzuki-san’s family runs an electronics store in his hometown called “Suzuki Denkiten,” and the second is that it’s short for “Sento Daisuki” (“I love public baths”).

One of the strong points of Sd Coffee is its food and drinks menu.

We recommend you try the milkshake. This shake has been shared extensively on Instagram, and its amazing look is complemented by its great taste.

There are several types of milkshakes you can order, and in addition to looking great, the shakes balance perfectly with the ice cream, which is not overly sweet. This is one item you have to order if you visit Sd Coffee.

If you want to have a real meal, we recommend you try the “super meccha cheese” (super lots of cheese).

The hot dogs come in small buckets, so they’re fun to photograph, but they’re also surprisingly delicious. The juicy sausage tastes great with the large amounts of cheese it’s covered in, and the portion is huge.

Don’t forget to get some of the original goods on display at the shop

There are lots of different goods to buy, such as T-shirts and key holders.

There’s also an online shop that you can visit if you want to get your hands on some goods without visiting the shop.


Sd Coffee has already amassed a large number of fans, with its atmosphere and food that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Why not go try the unique delicious food of this popular cafe?



Access 3-minute walk from Kita-Senju Station (JR, Subway, Tobu)
Business hours 11:30-18:00
Regular holiday Tuesday

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