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Having arguably the sweetest tooth in our att.JAPAN staff, I am excited to announce the outrageously delicious parfaits so far on my list this year. And to make a good outing better, I am including highlights not only of their shops but of their environs as well, all within easy stroll.


Not far from the dessert haven of Jiyugaoka lies Todoroki Station, a gateway to quiet residential neighborhoods and relaxed shopping Street areas.  PATISSERIE ASAKO IWAYANAGI has been the buzz of the crowd ever since its opening in 2015. The shop is the namesake of Chef Pâtissiere Asako Iwayanagi, a master of work-of-art delectables that showcase fruits in season. Exit Todoroki Station and follow the railroad tracks for about 5 minutes until you see an unpainted concrete building.


The town will be quiet, but you’ll know you’re there by the line of people at the door.That also happened to be the case on the day I went. I added my name to the seating list, then took a peek next door at ASAKO IWAYANAGI PLUS, the takeout counterpart. A selection of baked items, parfaits and chocolates graced the showcase, ready for anyone on the go.

Shortly after, my wait was rewarded with a Parfait Bijou ® Fraise and a Parfait Japonais, accompanied by seasonal citrus. With the soothing gray walls giving full play to the dazzling desserts, I was blown away by the magic of the moment!

Parfait Bijou ® Fraise is a montage of Tochi-otome strawberry sorbet and arugula gelato, and believe me, the side of olive oil and salt takes it up another notch! Three types of strawberries and wine gelee fill the glass, each spoonful as exquisite as the last.

Parfait Japonais is a composition of matcha and vanilla ice cream topped by a wedge of “Hamasaki,” a high-end citrus from Saga Prefecture. Further heightening the “Japonais” taste is the layer of black beans, kinako and matcha kudzu balls in the glass. The occasional whiff of Ao Pepper intertwined with the fragrance of the green lemongrass stick, add another dimension.

PATISSERIE ASAKO IWAYANAGI Parfait Bijou ®, Parfait Japonais, accompanied by seasonal citrus

Why not take a short walk to Todoroki Valley after your ravishing dessert? Todoroki Valley is the only natural gorge located within the 23 cities of Tokyo, a distinction that ranks it as one of Tokyo’s top scenic spots. The temperature begins to dip the moment you enter the ravine, and with more than 30 springs along its 1km trail of dappled sunlight, what could be more pleasant?

Todoroki Valley Walk past the scarlet Golf Bridge and you will find Todoroki Falls, Todoroki Fudoson Temple, a Japanese garden and a shoin, a traditional Japanese building. The valley, I might add, wears its seasons well — greens in spring and summer, reds in autumn, and silver-white in winter. Enjoy each visit!

Todoroki Valley

Access 5 min walk from Todoroki Station

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