Affectionately called “Niko-tama,” Futako-tamagawa is known as a quiet residential area with style. Although it is only about 10 minutes or so by train from Shibuya, the area attracts many people because of the abundant nature of the Tama-gawa River. In July, 2015, a largescale complex facility, “Futako Tamagawa Rise,” opened in front of the station. The headquarters of one of the largest IT companies in Japan will move to Futako-tamagawa, integrating its business hub into the residential area, which is expected to lead to further development of the area. This article suggests a plan for a day-trip to enjoy Niko-tama, a town enjoying increasing popularity as place where many people want to live or work.



Mallorca in Futako Tamagawa Rise is the first branch in Japan of this traditional Spanish grocery store. It opens at 8:00 am, offering a perfect place to buy bread and deli dishes for your breakfast. You may want to eat what you just bought on the terrace, or it is also really nice to walk to Futako Tamagawa Park and enjoy the food while looking at the Tama-gawa River. The park has some sites to see, including a Japanese garden and Kyu Shimizu-tei Shoin, an old Shimizu Family house with modern-Japanese architecture that was transferred from elsewhere to the park (Setagaya City tangible cultural asset). Enjoy strolling in the park in a relaxing atmosphere after breakfast.


The Futako-tamagawa area is convenient for shopping, with large-scale commercial facilities. Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center, a traditional department store with the nickname “Tamataka,” has been in business in this place for more than 40 years, with fashion brand stores and specialty stores selling casual items. The restaurant floors and underground grocery floors offer a variety of food items from popular stores and shops all over Japan. If you are interested in stylish items, go to Futako Tamagawa Rise. You can enjoy looking around DIY Factory Futakotamagawa, filled with colorful items and tools. You can ask to try using a tool before purchasing it. Futakotamagawa Tsutaya Electronics is the first electronics store opened by the nationwide bookstore chain and which “sells lifestyle.” The place is well stocked with stylish electronics, books, and various other items. With an in-store café, too, you can enjoy spending a relaxing time in a sophisticated space.


A short walk from the West Exit of Futako-tamagawa Station will take you away from the commercial facilities and buildings, to an alley lined with Japanese-style buildings, which may remind you of Kyoto. This area has been long known as a place with inns for people who come here for relaxing along the Tama-gawa River. Currently called “yanagi-koji” (willow lane), this area has many restaurants, offering various kinds of food in addition to Japanese fare. Take a moment away from the noisy streets around the station, and enjoy a quiet dinner in a quaint area.

Or, you can enjoy nature at Todoroki Keikoku Valley!

Only 5 minutes away from Futakotamagawa Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line. Get off at Todoroki Station and you will find a green space. It is the only valley park in Tokyo’s 23 cities. You can hear the murmuring sound of a stream and the singing of birds in trees, enjoying nature in a close-up way

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