Chiba City Is Home to “Sacred Sites” with Settings of 3 Popular Anime!

Chiba City in Chiba Prefecture is located only 40 minutes by train from Tokyo. With “Makuhari Messe,” a largescale convention center and one of Japan’s largest commercial facilities, along with many IT company buildings, the fusion of the futuristic international area and the nature-rich satoyama, an intermediate zone between cultivated land and mountain foothills, creates this attractive city. Moreover,
Chiba City is a setting for three different popular amine series! The “sacred sites” of your favorite anime series may be in Chiba City!

Blue Orchestra

This TV anime series is based on a popular manga series and much talked about on social media about its high level of expressiveness from the manga. Some would even say that they can hear music from the pages! The first season was aired in 2023, and the production of season 2 is on its way. The story develops around a former violin prodigy Hajime Aono who has grown distant from it. He joins the high school orchestra club and regains his passion towards music while learning and competing with his unique friends and clubmates. The series features energetic performances by both Japanese and international young talented artists! You can see not only Makuhari Sogo High School, which serves as a model for the high school, but also the area around the nearest stations, JR Makuhari and JR Kaihinmakuhari Stations from the anime series. If you have watched the series, you will also notice the modeled meat shop where the characters eat chicken cutlets on their way home from school in Makuhari!

ⒸMakoto Akui/Shogakukan/NHK, NEP, Nippon Animation

Makuhari Sogo High School

Tagawa Meat Shop

“Oreimo” (“ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai”)

The TV anime series “Oreimo” is the anime adaptation of a light novel, which was aired in 2010 and 2013. This is popular comedy series describes a just average high school boy struggling to help his willful, self-centered younger sister. It was the first series that made Chiba City famous for being the setting for anime. The high school that the main character goes to seems to be modeled after Chiba Shogyo High School. In the show, you often come across Chiba Urban Monorail, which is a symbol of Chiba City, and Chiba Park, which especially appears in important scenes of the story.


Chiba Urban Monorail・Chiba Park

“My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU” Series

As the anime adaptation of a popular light novel series with a cumulative circulation of over 10 million worldwide, this TV romantic comedy, which has been adapted to TV anime works three times since 2013, follows the life of a cynical high school boy. The setting is Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. In addition to Chiba Urban Monorail, many famous places in Chiba City along the ocean, such as Inage Seaside Park and Chiba Port Tower, appear in the show.


Inage Seaside Park


Access to Chiba Urban Monorail Chibaminato Station Tokyo Station→40 minutes on the JR Keiyo Line→Chibaminato Station→1-minute walk (direct access)

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