Tachikawa city, which is located in the west of Tokyo, is a center city of commerce, culture, research and disaster prevention in Tama area.
Besides the rich nature environment, there are many modern facilities in Tachikawa, such as monorail and office buildings, which make Tachikawa looks like a future city. It is even famous as a stage of animation and drama in recent years. It is a good choice to visit Tachikawa as it is not so far from central Tokyo.

It is not well known that there are many attractive shopping centers in Tachikawa, such as Ecute, Lumine, Loft, Takashimaya, Isetan, Ikea and so on. Lalaport will also be opened in autumn of 2015.

Faret Tachikawa art works have been installed in an area which was completed by the redevelopment project in the site of American military base, including 109 pieces of art works designed by 92 artists from 36 countries.

As Tachikawa is a stage of the popular animation “A Certain Magical Index” and “A Certain Scientific Railgun”, Tachikawa has been a mecca among the animation fans. Tachikawa is also famous as a location of the drama “Gokusen 3”, “Aibo season 8” and so on.

Tachikawa was once called “the city of the base”. Tachikawa Yataimura Paradise, which replicates a vibrant scene of post-war reconstruction of 1950s’s, has a mixed atmosphere of Japan and America. Restaurants that make people feel nostalgia have been gathered here.

Tachikawa Keirinjyo(Tachikawa Velodrome)is known as the birthplace of Keirin Grand Prize. Most of the Keirin races are held there.

Various kinds of vegetation are planted in Showa Commemorative National Government Park and you can enjoy different beautiful scenes of four seasons. In the park Winter Vista Illumination is held from the early-December to December 25 every year. On Christmas Eve, fireworks will be also launched.

In Polar Science Museum you will have many interesting experiences, such as solving the mystery of Aurora, taking photos of penguin, touching the ice from the Antarctic Pole and so on.

In Tachikawa Disaster Prevention Center, besides the shake of an earthquake, you can also experience the smoke, fire extinguishing and first aid. In the Disaster Prevention Mini-theater you can even experience the realistic situation when an earthquake happens.

Ramen Square is a theme park of Ramen. There are seven Ramen stores here and the square was built just like Manhattan’s cityscape of New York.

Tachikawa Manga Park is a park of comics that contains old and new comics in different genres. The current collection is about 30000 volumes and it is expected to increase to about 50,000 volumes in the future. Events about comics and animations are held regularly.

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