From Haneda Airport to Central Tokyo: the Easy Way

Haneda Airport


The gateway to the skies of Japan, especially Tokyo, is Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport). Let’s take a look at how to reach central Tokyo after landing at Haneda.

Transportation options from Haneda Airport to central Tokyo

Basically, the main transportation choices are trains, taxis, and buses.
Below is a summary of travel times and costs from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 to Tokyo Station.

Mode of Transportation Travel Time Cost
Tokyo Monorail App. 35m \690 (IC: \686)
Keikyu Line App. 35m \510 (IC: \505)
Shared Taxi App. 40m From app. \5,000
Private Taxi App. 40m From app. \9,000
Fixed Price Taxi App. 40m From \6,900
Limousine Bus App. 60m From app. \1,000

*IC: ticketless boarding through I.C. chip

The area commonly called “Tokyo” is an immense, extremely complex area.
In the table, Tokyo Station is used as a point of reference for each mode of transportation, but please keep in mind that actual time and cost varies depending on your exact destination within the city.

Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo MonorailOne route is to take the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho Station for 520 yen (IC: 519 yen), then transfer to the JR Line from Hamamatsucho to Tokyo Station for 170 yen (IC: 167 yen).
Tokyo Monorail tickets are usually purchased through a touch-screen ticket vending machine.

Switch the system to English, then select your destination and pay.
Once you receive the ticket, pass it through the ticket gate machine.
If you would rather not buy tickets, use an IC card such as Suica or Pasmo.

For those arriving at Haneda Airport Terminal 3, the Tokyo Monorail ticket gates are on the arrival floor (2F).
Monorail trains leave approximately every 3 to 10 minutes. Operations stop late at night but resume in early morning.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3

Map from

Keikyu Line

Keikyu LineAnother option is to take the Keikyu Line from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa Station for 330 yen (IC: 327 yen), then transfer to a JR Line to Tokyo Station for 180 yen (IC: 178 yen).
Keikyu Lines travel in the direction of both Tokyo and Yokohama, so be sure to board the train bound for the correct destination.
Like the monorail, Keikyu Line passengers may either purchase tickets at vending machines or use an IC card.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3
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These trains also depart approximately every 3 to 10 minutes.


TaxiShared taxis are easy to use if booked in advance, but even then, wait times may be quite long.
One site to reserve a shared taxi is:

Private taxis can also be booked in advance, but tend to be expensive. Regardless, it remains a convenient choice for families and group travelers.
One site to book a private taxi is:

Fixed-price taxis can also be used without a reservation.
These allow you to travel from Haneda Airport to various Tokyo locations for a pre-determined fare. The amount varies depending on the destination.

Taxis should be boarded at the taxi stand. Follow the signs from Terminal 3 to the 1st floor (second lane).

Map from

The taxi stop for central Tokyo from Terminal 3 is number 21. There is a hire car stop behind it.

taxi stop for central Tokyo from Terminal 3
From Google Map

For more information, please see here;

Limousine Bus

Limousine BusThe limousine bus is another convenient option from Haneda Airport to central Tokyo.
If traveling with children or a lot of luggage, the bus is one of the easiest, most economical choices.
Tickets can be booked online or bought at the bus ticket counter at Haneda Airport.
Online limousine bus reservations may be made here:

On the 1st floor of Terminal 3 are bus stops numbered 1 to 11, where limousine buses, expressway buses, and regular city buses operate.

Each bus stop is for a different bus route and direction, so be sure to double check that the stop matches your destination.
Please check here for details:

A smooth journey to central Tokyo from Haneda Airport

A variety of options are available to go from Haneda Airport to central Tokyo.
Each choice entails different times and costs, so each travel party can choose whichever one is most suitable for them.
Please take the time to learn “the ins and outs” before you arrive for a smooth journey, and have a wonderful stay in Tokyo.

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