Recommended Rout to Izumo / From Hiroshima: Visiting World Heritage / Japan Heritage sites and praying for peace

Shimane Prefecture is located in the Chugoku region and faces the Sea of Japan. With many historic shrines, including Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, which is a representative “power spot” of Japan, the prefecture is said to be the setting of earliest-stage nation building of Japan. It is written about in the Kojiki (Japan’s oldest historical chronicle), and is called “a land of myths and legends.”

Izumo has a wealth of charms and attractions, starting with the power to bring good luck in romance and marriage. Here are four model routes to enjoy Izumo, with stories along the way.

From Kobe: A Journey of Matchmaking Bliss, Praying for Success in Love and Career!

From Ise: Roots of the Japanese Story

From Kansai: Guided by the white hare to Izumo

From Hiroshima: Visiting World Heritage / Japan Heritage sites and praying for peace

A special itinerary exploring three World Heritage sites and two Japan Heritage sites. Pray for peace in Izumo, where myriad deities gather.


Hiroshima Sta.

Itsukushima Shrine

The shrine, a World Heritage site, presents a stunning view of harmony with nature, and is a masterpiece showcasing humanity’s creative genius, preserving the architectural style of the Heian and Kamakura periods (around 9th-14th century).

―Walking along Omotesando shotengai shopping street


―Miyajima Traditional Crafts Center

Hiroshima World Heritage Sea Route

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (Atomic Bomb Dome)

A World Heritage site, the only structure in the world that vividly shows the devastation caused by nuclear weapons. It is an unparalleled peace symbol advocating for abolition of nuclear arms and the importance of enduring peace.

Stay in Hiroshima City

Hiroshima Sta.
↓Expressway Bus (2 hr 40 min)

Okuizumo Tatara Sword Museum

A Japan Heritage site. The only place in the world with a “tataraba” (traditional iron smelting furnace).
Through a recycling system in which raw materials and fuel are continuously used, it shows a sustainable industry where nature and people coexist.

Tataraba Ichibanchi (Lunch)
↓Expressway Bus (50 min)
Izumoshi Sta.
↓Tour taxi Kousagi(4 hr)

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

Enshrined is the deity of matchmaking, the God Okuninushi, who not only facilitates romantic love but also fosters various positive relationships.

Inasa Beach

Sono no Nagahama Beach

WINDY FARM Michi no Eki Kirara Taki (sunset)

A Japan Heritage site. In the northwest of the Yamato Province (considered to be current Nara Prefecture), Izumo was recognized as a sacred place where the sun sets. People of Izumo, home to tales related to the sunset, are believed to have a sense of special reverence for the sunset, regarding the sunset as something sacred.

Stay in Izumo City (Taki area)

Oda Sta.
↓JR, Bus (1 hr 45 min)

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

↓ Bus (30 min)
Odashi Sta.

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