Recommended Rout to Izumo / From Kansai: Guided by the white hare to Izumo

Shimane Prefecture is located in the Chugoku region and faces the Sea of Japan. With many historic shrines, including Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, which is a representative “power spot” of Japan, the prefecture is said to be the setting of earliest-stage nation building of Japan. It is written about in the Kojiki (Japan’s oldest historical chronicle), and is called “a land of myths and legends.”

Izumo has a wealth of charms and attractions, starting with the power to bring good luck in romance and marriage. Here are four model routes to enjoy Izumo, with stories along the way.

From Kobe: A Journey of Matchmaking Bliss, Praying for Success in Love and Career!

From Hiroshima: Visiting World Heritage / Japan Heritage sites and praying for peace

From Ise: Roots of the Japanese Story



From Kansai: Guided by the white hare to Izumo
Exploring the land associated with the famous folktale of “Inaba no Shirousagi” to pray for a good match.
A tour exploring the locations associated with the Japanese folktale “Inaba no Shirousagi” (White Hare of Inaba). Uncover the message in the tale and make a wish for the fulfillment of good relationships.


Osaka Sta.
Limited Express Super Hakuto (2hr 30 min)

Tottori Sta.
Tour taxi (3 hr)


Menuma Shrine

A shrine dedicated to Princess Yakami (Yakamihime) from the myth, “the White Hare of Inaba”. A visit here is said to bring luck for finding love, raising children, and giving birth.

Tottori Sand Dunes

Sand dunes spread out along the shores of the Sea of Japan. Climb the 47-meter high mountain of sand for a view all the way down the coastline.

Hakuto Shrine

A time-honored shrine that primarily enshrines the God Hakutoshin, related to the white hare appearing in the folktale “Inaba no Shirousagi.”

Renowned for its “musubi-ishi” (binding stones), consisting of five stones, it is believed that if placing them upon the torii gate or the hare-shaped stone statue when making a wish, your wish will come true.

Michi no Eki Shinwa no Sato Shirousagi

Located along the national road facing Hakuto Kaigan Coast, the site associated with the myth “Inaba no Shirousagi,” this road station sells souvenirs and also is home to statues with motifs of the famous tale.

Hakuto Kaigan Coast

The coastal area associated with the tale of “Inaba no Shirousagi.”

As depicted in the tale, this coastline, with the rock reef like the back of wanizame (ferocious sharks) that are featured in the story, boasts a beautiful, crescent-shaped stretch of white sandy beach.

Tottori Sta.
Limited Express Matsukaze/Oki, Conventional Line (2 hr)

Shobara Sta.

Stay in Izumo City (Yunokawa Onsen)

Called one of “Three Best Hot Springs for Beautiful Skin in Japan.” It is said that Yakamihime, who visited Izumo Province in longing for Okuninushi, rested and healed from her fatigue.

Shobara Sta.
JR Conventional Line, Bus (40 min)

Shinmon-dori Street

This approximately 700-meter road to the main gate of Izumo Taisha Shrine is lined with souvenir shops and places to try local cuisine.

Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

Enshrined is the deity of matchmaking, the God Okuninushi, who not only facilitates romantic love but also fosters various positive relationships.

Inasa no Hama (sunset)

The ritual “Kamimukae Shinji,” welcoming the gathering of deities from across the country on the 10th day of the 10th month on the lunar calendar, takes place at this beach. This location is also associated with the myth of the transfer of the land and divinity. The sunset from here is extraordinarily beautiful and is designated a Japan Heritage site as the “Sacred Land of Izumo Where the Sun Sets.”

Stay in Izumo City

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