Must-visit places near Kinosaki Onsen: Four highly-recommended places with beautiful scenery and great food by the att.JAPAN editors

After enjoying onsen at the charmingly quaint Kinosaki Onsen Town, go a bit further to the west to visit Kami Town. Located in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture, Kami Town is a place where you can be surrounded by ocean, mountains, and village areas. We introduce you to all the attractive aspects of the Kasumi Area facing the Sea of Japan, including a sightseeing ferry that brings you to an encounter with grand, unspoiled nature, unstaffed stations with a great view of the ocean, and a restaurant offering great seafood dishes for reasonable prices!

Kasumi Station, about 30 minutes from Kinosaki Onsen

It takes about 30 minutes to get to Kasumi Station from Kinosakionsen Station by Limited Express “HAMAKAZE.” Kasumi is known as one of the largest producers of crab in Japan, attracting many tourists from all over Japan and even other countries looking forward to enjoying crabs in winter. At Kasumi Station, you will be welcomed by a big statue of a crab above the entrance gate.The platform of Kasumi Station

There is also a crab claw statue in front of the station. Make sure to take a unique souvenir photo here!

Feel the mysteries of nature up close on Kasumi GEO TAXI

Kasumi GEO TAXI is a sightseeing ferry, which takes you around Kasumi Kaigan Coast, part of San’inkaigan National Park that has been designated as the San’inkaigan UNESCO Global Geopark. There are three tour courses available, varying in tour distance and required time; i.e., “Kaeru-iwa Rock and Goshiki-domon cave (30 min.),” “Ao-no-hiroba and Takanosu-jima Island (60 min.),” and “Megane-jima Island and Tsurigane-domon cave (90 min.).” The following section describes the 60-minute course. It is said that “Ao-no-hiroba” is as beautiful as the Blue Grotto on the island of Capri, Italy!

As the ferry operation depends on weather and tide conditions, if you make a reservation, it is recommended to do so for a summer morning when waves are relatively gentler.

The place to get on Kasumi GEO TAXI

Kasumi Coast is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the wonderful beauty of natural figures, such as huge columnar joints, cliffs, domon caves, and oddly-shaped rocks, which were all created by marine erosion. The ship captain carefully describes each of the sights to be seen.

“Yoroi-no-sode,” a designated national natural monument, with a height of about 70 meters and a width of 200 meters.
As a coastal cliff with amazing columnar joints, this cliff is said to be so named because it looks like a sleeve of samurai armor.

Because it is a small-sized ferry, it is able to go closer to small caves. You will find an extraordinary view, which can never be seen from on land!

Arriving at Ao-no-hiroba, the biggest highlight of the 60-minute course. This photo was taken in early August. According to the captain, the most beautiful emerald green ocean, which is created by a certain angle of the sun, can be seen on a sunny morning from June to July. It should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see such a mystical ocean!

[Tips] As there is no shade to protect you from sunlight, you should be fully prepared for sun protection.

Access Kasumi Sta. → about 6 minutes by car or 10 minutes by rental bike → the ferry arrival and departure site
Business hours Ferry operating time: 9:00-16:00 from April / May to September (Please check the website for details).

Enjoy delicious seafood dishes at chic restaurant “KAN ICHI”!

Located five minutes on foot from Kasumi Station, the restaurant “KAN-ICHI” offers great dishes made with generous fresh seafood from the nearby fishing port! You can enjoy matsuba-gani snow crab, which is called “the king of winter delicacies,” from November to March, and Kasumi-gani crab from September to May, every year. Kasumi-gani crab is the No. 2 brand crab in Kasumi after matsuba-gani, and it is characterized by a longer fishing period than that of matsuba-gani.

Exterior of KAN-ICHI
Open interior with high ceilings

Crab is not available in summer; however, even without crab, you can still enjoy various delicious dishes!
This Asatore Gyogyogyo Teishoku set with lots of fresh sashimi is the most popular item in this restaurant.

If you don’t really like raw fish, you should choose Anago-no-amakaraboshi Ippon Teishoku set.
The anago salt-water eel with great roasted aroma and crispy texture is just delicious!

From early summer to mid-summer, you can enjoy sashimi of whole shiroika (swordtip squid), which is in season!
As various other dishes, such as the Tajima beef hamburger Teishoku set, pizzas, and desserts, are offered, people who are not big seafood fans and people with young children can still fully enjoy KAN-ICHI.

There is also a souvenir shop selling local specialties unique to Kasumi.

Access JR Kasumi Sta. → 5 min walk
Business hours Lunch 11:00-14:30 (L.O. 14:00); Café 9:00-16:00 (L.O. 15:15); Shop 9:00-16:30
Regular holiday Closed on Wednesday

Amarube Station and Amarube Viaduct “Sora no Eki” (sky station) observation facility

About 10 minutes by JR San’in Line from Kasumi Station to the west, there is Amarube Station, which is very popular among railroad fans and photographers as a “station with a great ocean view.”

The Sea of Japan viewed through the train window at Amarube Station

Amarube Station is directly connected to Amarube Viaduct “Sora no Eki” observation facility, which is located about 40 meters above ground. At the facility, you can find benches where you can sit and take time to enjoy the view of the ocean and a glass observation window on the floor, through which you can see the underneath part of the viaduct.


If you visit there by car, you can park at the parking lot for “Michi no eki Amarube” in the same area. To access the observation facility, you have to walk or take an elevator. Since you have to walk very steep uphill for 10 to 15 minutes, you should use the elevator if you are not confident in your physical strength and/or it is an extremely hot day.
“Amarube Crystal Tower” is open to everyone for free. It is an all-glass elevator, allowing you to enjoy a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan as you go up.

On the way walking up, you can find a great photo spot. If you know the arrival time of the train in advance, you can take a photo like this, with Amarube Viaduct, the train, and the Sea of Japan all in one photo.

Even lesser known Yoroi Station

Yoroi Station is only three minutes from Amarube Station. Get off at the station, and you can find an underpass near the platform.

You can see a sign saying “a shortcut (underpass) to a great view” above the entrance. Coming out of the other side of the underpass, you will see the clear ocean and blue sky at a small fishing port right in front of you! You can also see old tracks of carts on the slope, which used to bring seafood from the port up to Yoroi Station. By catching a glimpse of part of the daily activities at the small fishing village through such a view, which is not available in urban areas, I felt as if I wandered into a story world.
There is a bench. You can have a luxurious time of sitting there and simply gazing out at the ocean until the next train arrives.

It may be convenient to rent a car throughout your trip; however, you may want to enjoy a small railway trip by taking a train only between Amarube and Yoroi stations. Note that you should prepare small change for a fare box on the train since you cannot purchase a ticket at the unattended stations.

Have a nice relaxing time in Kami Town surrounded by beautiful nature to get away from the bustle of everyday life!

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