Matsushima Onsen: Unwind While Enjoying One of Japan's Three Most Scenic Views

Matsushima Onsen: Unwind While Enjoying One of Japan's Three Most Scenic Views

Selected as one of Japan’s Three Most Scenic Spots, Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture is a popular tourist spot boasting stunning ocean views. Matsushima Onsen, a hot spring resort that opened in 2008, is a relative newcomer to this area. Known as “Taiko Tensen” (“ancient heavenly spring”), Matsushima’s spring water is believed to have originated in primeval times. A notable feature is that it is pulled from the “warm springs” located in the depths of the earth. There are currently eight ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) and hotels, each allowing guests to soak in the hot springs while taking in the stunning view of Matsushima. Particularly remarkable are the open-air baths from which you can relish the sunrise and a view of the islands floating upon a moonlit sea. The hot spring water, which is smooth to the touch, is aptly known as the “hot spring for beauty.” There are also facilities where travelers can casually enjoy a dip in the daytime.

If you’ve made it to Matsushima, be sure to venture outside the onsen resort to other sightseeing spots. One of Matsushima’s biggest attractions is the picturesque nature that transforms with the seasons. The best time to see cherry blossoms is mid-April, and at Saigyo Modoshi no Matsu Park, an expansive view of the park’s many sakura trees and Matsushima Bay awaits. On the other hand, the autumn foliage is most spectacular from October to November, with illumination events at locations such as Entsuin Temple and Zuiganji Temple. Furthermore, on the Matsushima Bay Cruise, you can fully appreciate the panorama of the floating islands while feeling the ocean breeze. For the complete experience, don’t miss out on the Matsushima specialties of oysters and beef tongue, known for their lean but rich flavors.

Enjoy the hot springs along with an ocean view.


Pacific oysters, a Matsushima specialty, are freshest from October to March.


Saigyo Modoshi no Matsu Park is a famous spot for spring cherry blossoms.

In autumn, you can see the illuminated fall foliage from the circular window of Entsuin.


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Matsushima is also a famous “power spot.” If you cross all three bridges of Togetsukyo, Fukuurabashi, and Sukashibashi, it is believed you will be blessed with a good romantic relationship.

Matsushima Tourism Association

Access Sendai Airport Sta. → 25 min by train (Sendai Airport Access Line) → Sendai Sta. → 40 min by train (JR Senseki Line) → Matsushima Kaigan Sta. / Tokyo Sta. → 1.5 hr by Tohoku Shinkansen → Sendai Sta. → 40 min by train (JR Senseki Line) → Matsushima Kaigan Sta.

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