Great access from central Tokyo and airports! Have fun at night at “Tokyo City Keiba.”

Taking 8 minutes by Tokyo Monorail from JR Hamamatsucho Station, I arrived at Tokyo City Keiba (Oi Racecourse), which is a short walk from Oi Keibajo-mae Station.

Tokyo City Keiba (Oi Racecourse)

Tokyo City Keiba offers a night-race event called “Twinkle Race” on weekdays from April to December (the event is offered during the daytime from January to March). The event is not only about exciting races but also an opportunity for visitors to enjoy beautiful illuminations and delicious food. Just like being in an amusement park, you can fully enjoy nighttime.

Unfortunately, the weather of the day our editorial group visited was not very fine, but there were lots of people at the venue because it was the day of the 56th Tokyo Kinen with group races.

First, we visited “PAKA-PAKA Land,” on the right side of the front gate. At this area, an event where you can come close and touch the Clydesdale draft horses was held.


Above their head, you can see Ren-G, the official mascot for the RWC Japan 2019. The Clydesdale horses are slightly larger than thoroughbred horses, so you may be a bit scared if you get close to them, but they are very docile and obedient. Don’t get scared of them, but stand next to them to take photos with them!

The older brother Wes
The younger brother Al

Walking around the ground, I came across Umatase and Umataseine, the mascots of Tokyo City Keiba.
When I turned my camera to them, they willingly posed for photos.

Umatase and Umataseine



There were lots of food tracks. You may like watching races with food and drink in your hands.

After taking a quick look around the place, we went for the main purpose to come here: watching the races.

Some people may think they know nothing about horseracing or they have no connection to them. For horseracing beginners, there are lots of free events where you can learn how to buy betting tickets, how to enjoy being at the racecourse, etc.

At the beginner’s counter, the services are available in Chinese and English as well as Japanese.

Once you have gotten some knowledge about horseracing, head to the paddock.
You can closely see the horses in the next race.


Find your favorite horse, go to the parlor to buy some betting tickets, and finally go to the course!
The instructions at the parlor are available in various languages, so don’t worry.

More and more spectators are coming to the main ground before the main race.


L-WING has 6-storied spectator stands, which can accommodate about 4,000 people.
The horses are warming up and heading towards the starting gates.
Finally, the race has begun.
Just before the goal.

People were cheering loudly for the enthusiastic competition, regardless of the rain. We were so excited to see the horses powerfully running in front of us.

After fully enjoying exciting races, don’t forget to drop by the souvenir shop. You can find goods and items related to horseracing and horses only available here. Some Umatase goods are also available.

Champions TCK
Between races, enjoy wonderful illuminations inside the track course.

The last race started at 20:50.
At Tokyo City Keiba, you can fully enjoy nightlife in Tokyo.
Visit the racecourse after work or at the end of your sightseeing tour.

“TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION,” where various illumination decorations are created on the huge ground of Tokyo City Keiba (Oi Racecourse), will make a grand appearance on October 5!


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