Enjoy unspoiled nature on the islands of Tokyo! Travel to the Izu Islands

Being a bustling metropolitan city is only one aspect of Tokyo. With powerfully impressive remains of the eruptions of volcanos and onsen hot springs where you can come in contact with rough rock surfaces and seawater while immersing yourself, the Izu Islands filled with nature’s power and blessings also comprise another aspect of Tokyo. Here we feature three islands from the Izu Islands, where you can enjoy unique landscapes and experiences.

八丈島-大坂トンネルの展望Photo: Hachijojima

Oshima, located closest to central Tokyo, with power of an active volcano

Located about 120 km south of central Tokyo, Oshima is the biggest among the Izu Islands. With good accessibility from the metropolitan area, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes by highspeed boat from Takeshiba Pier or about 30 minutes by air from Chofu Airport. Highlights of the island include the hiking course of Mt. Mihara, an active volcano, an open-air bath with a great view, and a swimming beach which is popular among divers. In addition, the Oshima-zakura cherry, which is native to the island, will bloom in spring.

Mt. Mihara hiking

Mt. Mihara, an active volcano at the center of the island, has an elevation of 758 meters. You can see molten rocks and marks of lava flows from past eruptions. Along with “Urasabaku,” the only desert in Japan with the land surface covered with volcanic rocks, nature’s creations make you feel the power of nature.



Onsen experience with a great view of the green natural carpet along with Mt. Mihara

At the Oshima Onsen Hotel located at the 7th station of Mt. Mihara, you can enjoy an open-air bath, from which you can get a great view of lush greenery of the island and of Mt. Mihara, as well as various kinds of seafood. On the rooftop terrace, you can spend a special time by gazing at Mt. Mihara during daytime and the starry sky at night.



Access Takeshiba Pier → 1 hr 45 min by highspeed jet ferry, 8 hr by large passenger ship (travelling at night) / Chofu Airport → 30 min by air

Shikinejima Island with a blessing from nature called “ocean’s onsen”

Located about three hours by highspeed boat from Tokyo, Shikinejima Island is a small island with a circumference of about 12 km. With unique onsen with a wild atmosphere and beautiful beaches, this compact island offers you an opportunity to appreciate abundant gifts from nature.


A fusion of onsen and ocean?

The island has some onsen spots that are filled with a mixture of fresh water and seawater, appearing as if they have been blended with the ocean. Characterized by its unique ground form, which looks like it has been chopped by a nata Japanese axe, Jinata Onsen offers a place where you can enjoy being in a hot spring while appreciating the topographical beauty. There are other unique natural onsen, including Ashitsuki Onsen, from which you can enjoy a view of the ocean in a relaxing atmosphere, and Matsugashita Miyabiyu Onsen, which keeps the optimum temperature for people to take a bath at any time. These open-air onsen baths are free to everyone, allow people to wear a bathing suit, and are open for 24 hours.
*As the temperature of the hot water in Jinata Onsen and Ashitsuki Onsen changes depending on the tidal flow, please be careful, especially before getting in!



Sea bathing, playing on the seashore, and diving

Oura Beach is famous as a place where you can see the romantic sunset as well as a place to enjoy sea bathing and playing on the shore. At Nakanoura Beach, you can see coral and fish close-up while diving.


Access Takeshiba Pier → 3 hr by highspeed jet ferry, 11 hr by large passenger ship (travelling at night) / Chofu Airport → 35 min by air to Niijima → 15 min by shuttle boat

Subtropical Hachijojima Island with rich biodiversity

Hachijojima Island is a subtropical island which can be reached in about 50 minutes by air from Haneda Airport. One of the most popular activities on this island is trekking on Mt. Hachijo-Fuji, the highest peak on the Izu Islands with an altitude of 854 meters above sea level. Due to the climate characteristics, the island is very rich in diversity of plants and animals.


Trekking on Mt. Hachijo-Fuji

Taking the “Ohachi-meguri” tour to go around the crater, you can have an overwhelming trekking experience to see a huge crater on top of the mountain. The panoramic view of the islands and ocean from the summit is just breathtaking.


Encounter sea turtles while diving

The ocean around Hachijojima Island is known for the high possibility of encountering sea turtles. Swimming along with sea turtles and schools of fish in the beautiful blue sea will surely be one of the unforgettable memories of your travels.


At “Hachijojima Freesia Festival,” which is scheduled to be held from March 23 to April 7, you can enjoy beautiful flowers of about 350,000 freesia plants.


Access Takeshiba Pier → 10 hr 20 min by large passenger ship (travelling at night) / Haneda Airport → 55 min by air

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