Step inside the wondrous, fairy-tale world of summer in Kumamoto!

Kumamoto Prefecture is in the middle of Kyushu, just a 2-hour flight from Tokyo. The spring waters that gush forth throughout the region create countless cool havens from the heat, with a wealth of unique festivals throughout the hot season. The writer, a native of the region, shares secrets that only locals know to make the most of summer in Kumamoto!


This waterfall, said to have been formed by the massive eruption that created the Aso Caldera 90,000 years ago, has become a favorite filming location for TV commercials. The best part is the view seen from behind the waterfall. Looking through the curtain of water up-close bathed in its cool breeze is sublime. *Advance reservations online are required to enter the park.

Price: Adult 300 yen / Elementary and junior high school students 150 yen / Free admission for those younger than elementary school age

Access By public transportation: From JR Aso Sta. → Sanko bus bound for Tsuetate Onsen (1 hr) → Yu Station → 15 min by taxi/By car: 50 min drive from Aso Sta.
Business hours 9:00 – 17:00 (admission until 16:30)
Regular holiday Dec. 28 – Jan. 3

Yamaga Lantern Festival

This 2-day festival, a treasured tradition of summer in Kumamoto, is held in Yamaga City during the Obon holiday period in August. Golden Yamaga lanterns made of washi paper are balanced on the heads of women who dance to the slow rhythm.

The 1000-person lantern dance on the final day is a thrilling climax. The vision of countless golden lanterns floating in the dark night, swaying in time with the dance is pure magic.

Date: Aug. 15 to Aug. 16 every year

Access From JR Kumamoto Sta. → Sanko Bus bound for Yamaga Onsen (1 hr 20 min) → Onsen Plaza-mae → walk 1 min (Sakurayu Tourist Information Center)

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