Shibuya, a Dynamic Town with an Infusion of New and Old

Recently, Shibuya has been experiencing the emergence of new facilities one after another. In such a dynamically-changing town, there still remain places where you can feel the “good old times.” Here various spots in Shibuya, from the latest facilities to less-known historically-renowned places, are introduced.

Ever-evolving Shibuya

Shibuya Sakura Statge serving as a new landmark of Shibuya

“Shibuya Sakura Stage” is a complex facility that opened in November 2023 on the site of about 26,000 square meters in the south-west part of Shibuya Station. Various tenants, including a hotel, cafes, and restaurants, are opening one after another. In summer 2024, among them, “TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE,” is scheduled to open and sell about 160,000 books in store, which will be one of the largest number of books in stock in the Shibuya area! In spring, you can also enjoy viewing beautiful cherry blossoms.



Access Shibuya Sta. (JR, Subway, Private Railways)

“SHIBUYA AXSH” is due to open this summer!

Scheduled to open in summer of 2024 in the East Gate area of Shibuya Station, this complex facility adjacent to Shibuya Hikarie will consist of commercial facilities on the 1st to 4th floors and office tenants on the 5th to 23rd floors. The name “AXSH” comes from the idea of making this facility serve as a spot where sophisticated Aoyama (A) and trend-setter Shibuya (SH) cross (X) each other. In the open space surrounding the building, you can feel the changing of the seasons with lots of trees and flowers.


Access Short walk from Shibuya Sta. (1 min walk from the Hikarie ticket gate, when using Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)

Go a little further to visit TOKYU PLAZA HARAJUKU “HARAKADO,” a new facility filled with 75 individualistic tenants!

Just opened in Harajuku in April 2024, this complex facility has various tenants, including fashion- to food-related shops, on a total of nine floors.


Make sure to check out the unique tenants, such as “Kosugiyu Harajuku,” a sento public bathhouse where you can experience the culture of sento in Japan, and “COVER,” a magazine library with about 3,000 magazines published from the 1960s to present, where you can come in contact with various cultures related to magazines and manga.



Address 11:00-21:00 for tenants selling products and services; 11:00-23:00 for cafes and restaurants. *Including some exceptions.
Access 1 min walk from Meiji-jingumae Sta. (Tokyo Metro) or 4 min walk from JR Harajuku Sta.

Feel the good old history of Shibuya

“Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine,” a quiet shrine in the middle of the city

Turn a corner from the main street, you will find a shrine in a serene atmosphere. The shrine building, which is a Designated Tangible Cultural Property of Shibuya City, has a long history since the time it was built in 1612 with a donation by the wet nurse of the third Tokugawa shogun, Iemitsu. The shrine is said to bring you good luck for traffic safety, conception, and career promotion. As English digital signage is installed in the shrine, non-Japanese speaking visitors, who would like to learn more details about the local history and who are not sure about how to offer prayers, can feel comfortable.

Access 5-10 min walk from Shibuya Sta.
Business hours 9:00-17:00

Meikyoku Kissa Lion, just like a time machine to take you back into the past!

Located on the Dogenzaka Street, this venerable cafe opened in 1926. Enjoy a cup of dark-roasted coffee made by the master, along with fine classical music from the huge speakers.

Unlike regular cafes, almost all seats in this cafe are arranged so as to face the speakers, making it more like a theater than a cafe. It is the essence of the cafe that every guest can comfortably enjoy music no matter which seat they choose to sit in! *Please refrain from taking photos and talking loudly in the cafe.
*The cafe accepts payment with cash only.

Access 5-10 min walk from Shibuya Sta.
Business hours 13:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:30)
Regular holiday No fixed holiday, New Year holidays and some summer holidays

Refresh yourself from fatigue of travelling at an old public bathhouse “Kairyoyu”

Located at the halfway point between Shibuya and Ebisu stations, this old sento public bathhouse has a landmark of a large whale painting on the exterior wall, along with a stylish interior design based on white and black, which makes you wonder if it really has been in business for over 100 years.
As the facility has dim lighting, you can relax and immerse yourself into the bath unselfconsciously even if you are not used to being in a public bathhouse. There are also saunas in the facility, so sauna fans should also visit!

Access 10 min walk from Shibuya Sta.
Business hours 12:00-23:30 (admission until 23:00) Fee: Adult 520 yen, Junior high school student 400 yen, Elementary school student 200 yen, Preschool age child 80 yen
Regular holiday Saturdays

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