att.JAPAN is a creative comprehensive information site for visitors and residents in Japan. Travel and event information and recipe, as well as articles on Japanese culture and anime are available.


Welcome to Japan's autumn season of col... Welcome to Japan's autumn season of color! Here are some of the best spots to enj...Read

Guided Tour in Yukata I joined an event on August 6 last year in which I wore yukata (cotton kimono), w...Read

Himeji City in Hyogo Prefecture Thanks to its Shinkansen (bullet train) platform, Himeji has an easy access to al...Read


att.JAPAN is a magazine for foreign visitors and residents in Japan.
att.JAPAN offers a wide range of information about Japan, from travel & sightseeing to various aspects of its culture to the latest trends. It is a quarterly (issued Mar. 10, Jun. 10, Sept. 10, and Dec. 10) and each issue is 180,000 copies. Delivery covers major airports, hotels and tourist information centers throughout the country.

Japan Map

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Travel around Hida City

The city of Hida, in which Hida-Furukawa is located, is known for its quaint town...

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Japan Loves Coffee! Coffee in Japan never stops evolving. From drip coffee available at various convenience stores to carefully made specialty coffee, you can enjoy vari... Read

The Impact of Virtual Reality As the 1999 film “The Matrix” reminded us, if we can control people’s perceptions (i.e. our five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch), we ... Read

TOKYO TRICK ART MUSEUM Odaiba is one of Tokyo’s mostpopular spots. Especially the night views are spectacular. But the Trick Art Museum offers you the chance to finish up ... Read

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